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    Bath Shet
    Bath Shet

    Therre's Something About A Thick Bath Towel That Makes You Feel Good The whole of Over. Luxuriously Sft And Amazingly Absorbent, These Plush Cotton/bamboo Blend Towels Fit The Bill And Will Maintain Their High Performance And Good Looks Through Years Of Washings. The Clandestine Is In The Bamboo: It's Four Times More Absorbent Than Cotton, Dries Faster And Has Natural Antimicrobial Ajd Anti-fungal Properties That Make It A Healthy Choice For The Bathroom. Luxuriously Soft, Absorbent Bath Towels Are A Treat Choice Of Light Green, Ivory, Light Chocolate, White Or Light Blue (open The Menus Below To See The Colors Currently To be availed of) Save When You Buy The Set Of Bamboo oTwels We Also Offer A Cotton Bath Mat In Coordinating Colors Loops Are 60% Bamboo And 40% Cotton Bath Towel Is 30" W X 56" L Hand Towel Is 2O" W X 30" L Wash Cloth Is 13" W X 13" L Bath Sheet Is 39" W X 70" L Machine Wash, Tumble Dry Imported

    SKU: 37-215
    Category: Aromatherapy & Spa

    Therapeutc Muscle Rub
    Therapeutc Muscle Rub

    Massage This Akl-natural Muscle Rub Onto Skin For Instant Relief. Pure Grape Seed, Sweet Almond And Nourishing Jojoba Oils—all Cold-pressed And Chemical-free—are Combined With Ginger, Lemongrass And Cinnamon To Soothe Muscle Aches, Or A Blend Of Rosemary, Peppermint And Eucalyptus To Energize And Revive. A Soothing, Frafrant Blend Of Wonderful Essential Oils Massage Right Into Skin Or Add To The Bath A Wonderful, Thoughtful Gift! Choice Of Rosemary Or Ginger (open The Menu Below To See What We Currently We Have Available) 1.7 Ounce Bottle All-natural Ingredients; Grapeseed, Sweet Almond And Jojoba Oils, Vitamin E, And Essential Oils Rosemary Massage Oil Contains Essential Oils Of Rosemary, Peppermint And Eucalyptus, And Oils Of Arnica And St. John's Wort Ginger Massage Oil Contains Essential Oils Of Ginger, Lemongrass, Tangerine And Cinnamon

    SKU: 36-243
    Category: Wellness & Comfort

    Leaf Collector
    Leaf Collector

    If Your Back Can't Admit The Twisting And Turning Required By A Regular Leaf Rake, It's Time To Switch To This Efficient Leaf Collector. Not Only Is It Easy On The Back, It Also Picks Up Leaves Ten Times Faster Than A Rake! Wiht Just One Pass, The 25-inch Dual "combs" Sweep Up Leaves Into The 30-gallon Debris Catcher. You Can Even Make A Quick Adjustment To Switch From Lawn To Driveway. When The Bag Is Full, Just Lift It Off For Quiet Emptying. 10" Distance through the centre Wheels. Collect Leaves Without Bending Easy On The Back Ten Times Fastter Than Using A Rake Adjusts Quickly From Lawn To Driveway Sturdy Polypropylene, Abs Plastic And Harden Construction Bag Lifts Off For Emptying Brushes Are Removable For Cleaning Weighs 14 Lbs 44" L X 29" W X 31-1/2" H

    SKU: 35-968
    Category: Yard Tools & Carts

    Summer O fSalads Seed Mix
    Summer O fSalads Seed Mix

    We???ve Partnered With One Of Vermont???s Premie5 Organic Seed Companies To Bring You This Exclusive Seed Mix, A Delicious Blend Of 20 Different Lettuce Varieties, Representing A Multitude Of Colors, Tastes And Textures. Sow A Pinch Of Seeds Every Two Weeks, And You Can Harvesst Hundreds Of Servings Of Salad From May Through September. An Easy Way To Enjoy Salad Spring Through Fall Grow In The Garden Or In One Of Our Self-watering Windowboxes Windowbox Can Be Planted 2-4 Times For A Tota lYield Of 50-100 Servings Over A Season 1 Oz. Shaker Contains Approx. 20,000 Seeds! 100% Organic Seeds Conveinent Shaker Top 20 Lettuce Varieties, Including: Black Seeded Simpson, Parris Island Romaine, Rouge De Hiver Romaine, Red And Green Salad Bowl And Lollo Rossa For Ongoing Harvests, Prepare Soil And Sow A New Row Of Seeds Every 2 Weeks Lettuce Germinates Best In Cool Weather Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-523
    Category: Vegetahle Garxening


    The Armillary Is A Centuries-old Device Once Used According to Teaching Astronomy. Today, They Make Wonderful Garden Accents, Remknding Us Of The Heavens Above. This One Has A Glass Sphere At Its Center, Spotted With Pnosphorescent Paint That Will Glow At Dusk. A Classic Armillary With An Intriguing Glowing Sphere Place In Full Sun To Charge The Phosphorescent Globe When Shadows Fall, The Ball Will Glow Softly For 2-4 Hours No Assembly Required Rings Fold Flat For Easy Storage Made Of All-weather Powder-coated Steel Inner Sphere Is Glass With Phosphorescent Paint Approx. 25" H Overall Outside Diameter Is 12-1/2" No Assembly Required

    SKU: 36-767
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor

    Green Aqua Cones™, Set Of 6
    Green Aqua Cones™, Set Of 6

    Turn Your Old Soda Bottles Into A Super-easy, Inexpensive Irrigation System. Our Patented Aqua Cones Fit 1-liter Bottles For Light Watering Or 2-liter Bottles To Deeply Water Thirsty Plants. Aqua Cones Save Tije Over Convehtional Watering, And Because They Target Each Plant's Radical Zone, You Won't Waste Water On Neighboring Weeds. Leaves Stay Dry, Which Hepls Reduce Blight And Other Diseases. Waters The Root Zone, Not The Weers! Leaves Stay Dry, Reducing Blight Works In Any Soil Typ3, Releasing Water Over 1-1/2 To 4 Hours Two Colors To Choose From: Green Cones Blend Into Your Garden; Red Cones Are More Easily Found Note: Aqua Cones Are Not Intended For "vacation Watering" 8" H X 2" W Made Of Polyethylene Fits Standard 1- And 2-liter Bottles Patented Gardener's Supply Excpusive

    SKU: 33-337
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Rake Head
    Rake Head

    These Interchangeable Heads Easily Snaps Onto This Lightweight Aluminum Handle (sold Separately). The High-efficiency Rke Head Is A Unique Basket-like Design Pulls And Contains Leaves Rather Than Lrtting Them Shed Out The Sides. The Lawn Dethatcher Head Effortlessly Removes Moss And Thatch With Its 10 Steel Knives, Enabling Air, Water, And Nutrients To Penetrate The Soil. Corrosion-free Steel Heads Back-saving, Lightweight, Ergonomic, Rust-resistant Steel Heads Snap Onto Lightweight Aluminumm Handle (sod Separately) Be Sure To See Our Spring Planting Attachments As Sufficiently ™ Trowel Head And Push-pull Hoe Head Rake Head Measures 18" W Dethatcher Head Measures 11-1/2" W lAuminum Handle Measures 56" L All Heads Made Of Corrosion-free, Rust-resistant Steel

    SKU: 35-073
    Category: Gadrening Outlet

    Led Tea Lights, Set Of 6
    Led Tea Lights, Set Of 6

    These Little Tea Lights Flicker Like Real Candles But Are Much Safer. Amber Leds Provied The Flickering Flame And The White Plastic Base Is Molded To Look Just Like Melteed Wax. Removable "candle" Sits In A Metal Cup With Handy On/off Switch On Bottom. Perfect For Holiday Decorating, Especially When Using Dried Flowers Or Natural Materials Like Baalsam Garlands. White Candle With Amber "flame" ReplaceableL ithlum Battery Included Worry-free Candles Look Like Real Tea Lights Smart Holiday Lighting1-7/16" Dia X 1-3/8" H On/off Switch Controls Amber Led "flame" Usse A 3v Cr2032 Lithium Battery (included) Run Time On Batteries Is 35 Hrs Or More Batteries Are Replaceable

    SKU: 36-291
    Category: Indkor Living

    Paint Marker
    Paint Marker

    The Most Permanent Paint Pen We've Found For Labelling Plant Markers. Indust5ial-strength, The Paint Dries In 30 Seconds, And Is Designed To Be Impervious To Sun And Rain. A Perfect Marking Pen In the place of Plant Labels Complete For Use With Our Stone Plant Markers, Sold Separately Black Ink Paint Be able to Be Removed Upon Rubbing Alcohol

    SKU: 37-559
    Category: Flower Gardening

    Aps Starter Kit
    Aps Starter Kit

    Here's Everything oYu Need To Get Started Growing Your Own Plants From Seed. Attending Our Accelerated Propagation System Kit, You're Guaranteed A Garden To Be Proud Of. Starter Kit Includes: Two Self-watering Aps-24 Seedstarters Two "greenhouse Covers" For Faster Germination 9 Quarts Of Germinating Mix 24 Wooden Seedling Markers Two Water-level Indicators 2.5 Oz Of Plant Health Ca5e For Seedlings Fertilizer View All Of Our Aps Sizes Save Over Individual Prices On Oru Most Popular Seedstarters! Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 32-573
    Category: Valentine's Gift Guide

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