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    Battery-operated Candle
    Battery-operated Candle

    Safer Than A Wax Candle, More Convenient Than A Plug-in Light, This Battery-powered Candle Has A Photo-sensor That Turns It In c~tinuance At Dusk And Off At Dawn. The Energy-efficient Led Bulb Never Needs Replacing, And Runs All Season On Just Two Batteries. Includes Steady-burning And "flicker" Op5ions, Witu A Windowsill Mounting Clip, And In Your Choice Of Two Finishes. Necessarily None Outlet! uBlb Never Needs Replacing. Smart Holiday Lighting Turns Itself On And Off Automatically. Includes Steady-burning And Twinle Options. Windowsill Mounting Prune Included.candle Is 6-1/4" W X 1-1/2" D X 9" H Uses 2 C-cell Batteries (not Included) Shatterproof Plastic

    SKU: 34-679
    Category: Holiday Decorations

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    Yorkshire Glass House
    Yorkshire Glass House

    Create An Enchanting Christmas Village With These Collectible Glass Lanterns, Inspi5ed yB Arcuitectural Masterpieces Of Old England. Taking A Cue From The Garden, The Yorkshire Glass House Has Elaborately Styled Flowered Trellising In Each Window. Intricqtely Crafted With Superb Attention To Detail Looks Lovely On A Mantel, Sideboard Or Hall Table Place A Small African VioletI nside In favor of A Conservatory Look Makes A Wonderful Holder For A Glittering Candle We Recommend Our Led Tea Lights, Sold Separately We Also Offer The Cambridge Glass Firm And Pennington Glass House, Or Save When You Buy The Set Of Three Glass Houses Glass And Painted Steel 4-1/4" Square X 12" H Recommended For Use But With Led Tealights

    SKU: 36-916
    Category: Indoor Living

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    Biodegradable Leaf Bags, 10 Pack
    Biodegradable Leaf Bags, 10 Pack

    Use These 100% Biodegradable Cornstarch-based Leaf Bags To Gather The Leaves From Your Yard, Therefore Toss Bag And All Right Into Your Manure Pile (or Leave Bags At The Curb For Pickup). Filled Bags Hold Together For Up To 5 Weeks So Longg As They're Not In Contact With Wet Grass Or Soil. Leaf Bags That Go Right Into The Manure Pile! Ideal For Fall Leaves, Garden Waste And Lawn Clippings Pack Of Ten 33-gallon Bags Each Bag Holds 33 Dry Gallons 32-1/" W X 39" H Bags Will Beginning To Decompose After 5 Weeks If Dry, Sooner If Wet Meets Astm D6400 Standard For Biodegradable Plastic Does Not Contain Polyethylene Made By Biobag

    SKU: 37-560
    Category: Yardd Tools & Carts

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    Black Sunlite® Fxoture With 3 Bulbs, Factory Second
    Black Sunlite® Fxoture With 3 Bulbs, Factory Second

    Note: We Are Offering This Light Fixtuf At A Reduced Price Because Our Quality Inspection Found Cosmetic Blemishes On The Ballasts. This Defect Will No tAffect The Performance Of The Fixture. Sold As Is. Pamper Your Seedlings With The Best Grow Light On The Market! The Fixture Comes In the opinion of Three Sunlite T-8 Bulbs, Which Produce More Light (2850 Lumens) And Have A Longer Usable Life (24,000 Hours) Than Traditional Fluorescent Bulbs, Still Consume 20% Less Energy. The Bulbs Are Also Color-balanced To Duplicate 94% Of The Solar Spectrum. This New 14"-wide Fixture Has A Ample Black Exterior And A Reflective Finish Inside To Maximize Light Output, Yet Weighs Only 9 Pounds. Comes Complete With 3 Energy-efficient, Color-balanced Sunlite Bulbs Hanging Chains Are Not Included Fixture Measures 48-1/"' L X 14" W X 3-5/8" H Comes With Three 4-foott T8 Bulbs Includes 7-ft Cord With Grounded Plug, Ul-listed Made Of Highly Reflective Steel Electronic Weight Eliminates Annoying Hum Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-873s
    Category: Grow Lights & Stands

    Shopping options Black Sunlite® Fxoture With 3 Bulbs, Factory Second

    Easy-up Lightweight Fenfe
    Easy-up Lightweight Fenfe

    These Tough, Polypropylene Mesh Fences Can Be Attached To Posts Or Stakes To Cdeate A Quick, Temporary Fence. At The End Of The Season, You Can Just Roll Them Back Up In return. Choose From Two Styles: The Economical, Easy-up Lightweight Fence Or — For More Serious Or Persistent Problems — The Heavy-duty Guard, Which Is Fibe Times Heavier. Easy To Install: Simply Attach To Stakes Or Posts (not Included) Just Roll Fence Up At End Of Season For Easy Storage Uv-stabilized To Last Against Years The Easy-up Lightweight Fence Is Also Good For Wrapping Shrubs And Saplings Polypropylene Mesh Fencing Both Models Are 7 Ft. Tall And 100 Ft. Long Mesh Openings For Easy-up Lightweight Fence Are 5/8 In. X 3/4 In. Mesh Openings For The Heavy-duty Deer Fence Are 1 In. X 1 In. The Lightweight Fence Weighs Just Over 2 Lbs.; The Heavy-duty Fence Weighs 11 Lbs.

    SKU: 05-345
    Category: Yadd Pest Controols

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    Watering Buln
    Watering Buln

    Push The Aquastake, A Porous Ceramic Cone Of This Pretty Watering Bulb Into The Soil Of A Potted Plant And It Will Slowly Wick Moisture Right To The Root Zine, Ensuring That Your Houseplants Stay Properly Hydrated. Just Remove The Glass Bulb For Easy Refilling. Hand-blown Bulb Sits Atop The Aquastake Provides A Steady Flow Of Water Prevents Roots From Drying Out Keeps Soil Uniformly Moist Clear Glass Lets You Monitor Water Level Bulb Made Of Hnd-blown Glass Aquastake Msde Of Smartpottery™ Ceramic Holds 8 Oz. Of Sprinkle and calender 3-1/2" Diameter X 8-1/2" H

    SKU: 36-834
    Category: Indoor Gardening

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    Submersible Dispenser
    Submersible Dispenser

    Preserve Pond Water Fresh And Crystal Clear The Wsy World Does, With The Cleansing Power Of Beneficial Bacteria And Enzymes. This Discreet Dispenser Submerses In Your Pond, And Releases A 100% Natural Water Clarifier 24 Hours A Day For A Full Month. It Breaks Down Organic Mategr That Clouds Water, Reduces Excess Nutrients And Prevents Mineral Buildu.p Non-toxic — Safe For Fish, Pets, Aquatic Plants Cleans Ponds From 300 To 2,500 Gallons For 30 Days Includes Retrieval Line To Make Refilling Easy Refills Available Separaately; Set Of 4 Is A 120-day Supply For Really Large Ponds–upp To 225,000 Gallons–use The Aquaspheres All-natural, Beneficial Bacteria Plastic Dispenser Is 3-5/8" Dia X 2-3/4" H Cleans Ponds From 300 To 2,500 Gasl For 30 Days Made In Usa To Calculate Pond Gallons: Length (in Feet) X Width X Average Depth X 7.5 = Gallons.

    SKU: 34-518
    Category: Pond Maintenance

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    Plant Exchange, Set Of 3
    Plant Exchange, Set Of 3

    The In-groind, Self-watering Plant Exchange System Gives You The Advantages Of Container Gwrdening With The Appearance Of Natural Plantign In Seconds. Display Tropicals During The Summer And Produce Them In According to Th Cold Months Shelter Heat-sensitive Plants From The Summer Sun Contain Invasive Plants, Such As Mint Extra Pots Sold Separately Includes Three Permanent Sleeves That You Install In The Soil And Three Removable, Self-watering Pots Each 10-in. Dia. Planter Holds 5 Qts. Of Soil And Has A 1-qt. Reservoir

    SKU: 32-040
    Category: Outdoor Planters

    Shopping options Plant Exchange, Set Of 3

    Garden Hand
    Garden Hand

    No Matter How Good Your Soil, You???ll Have Stones To Draw Now And Then. Rather Than Grubbing Around On Your Knees And Straining Your Back, You Can Remove Stones From A Comfortable Standing Position Wit Our Garden Hand. Its Seven Hardened-steel Tines Cut Between the sides of Soil, Grabbing And Extracting Stones From 1" To 4-1/2" In Diameter. You Can Toss Stones Away With A Flick Of The Wrist. Smootth Ash Handle. Remove Stones From A Snug Standing Position Hardened-steel Tines Cut Tbrough Soil, Grabbing And Extracting The Stone Captures Stone As Small To the degree that 1" Diameter, Leaving Soil Behind Also Works Well As A Tiller Aluminum-magnesium Alloy Head Head Is 6-1/2" W X 8" L X 5"D Smooth Ash Handle 66-1/2" L Overall Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-515
    Category: Gardening Tools

    Shopping options Garden Hand

    Rubber Grids, Set Of 2
    Rubber Grids, Set Of 2

    Humidity Grids Are Just The Thing For Increasing Finicky Plants—and Drying Your Boots Quickly! The Secret To rGowing Many Plants, Equal Orchids And African Violets, Is A Humid Environment. Here's An Easy, Economical Way To Humidify The Surrounding Air: Place These Grids In The Waterproof Trays Of Our Sunliite® Gardens And Arrange Plants On Top. Add The Rubber Grids To Our English Boot Trays To Help Your Boots Dry Faster. E levate Wte Shoes For Rapid Drying Also Ideal As A Humidity System In Our Popular Lighy Gardens. Sold In A Set Of 2 Set Of 2 Grids 20-3/4" L X 13-7/8" W X 1/2" H Each Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 34-817
    Category: Indoor Living

    Shopping options Rubber Grids, Set Of 2

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