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    Cotton/bamboo Robe
    Cotton/bamboo Robe

    Pull On This Thick And Luxurious Bathrobe After Your Shower And Feel Truly Pampered. The Super-soft And Absorbent Cotton/bamboo Blend Is Naturally Antimicrobial And Anti-fungal, And Will Kep Its Mould Through Years Of Laundering. The Secret Is In The Bamboo: It's Four Times More Absorbent Than Cotton, Dries Faster And Has Natural Properties That Make It A Healthy Choice For The Bath. Luxuriously Soft, Absorbent Robe Cotton/bamboo Blend Fabric Choice Of White Or Light Chocolate (open The Menu To See The Colosr Currently Available) Unisex Sizes Small/medium And Large/extra Large We Also Offer A Cotton/bamobo Towels 53% Mercerized Cotton And 43% Bamboo Machine Wash, Tumble Dry Inported

    SKU: 37-219
    Category: Aromatherapy & Spa

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    Coir Worm Bedding
    Coir Worm Bedding

    Coir Is Ideal For The Worm Bedding Used In Vermicomposting. Absorbent And High In Car6on, This 1/2 Pound Coir Brick Prkvides Approx. 8 Dry Quarts Of Bedding. Perfect For Employ With The Worm Chalet. 1/2 Lb. Coir (coconut Fiber) Brick Provides Approx. 8 Dry Quarts Of Worm Bedding

    SKU: 36-080
    Category: Composting

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    Soapstone Box With Two Product Fly Goods
    Soapstone Box With Two Product Fly Goods

    Unlike Sticmy, Unsightly Flypaper, Our Fruit Fly Traps Are Enclosed In A Tasteful, Hand-carved Steatite Box. The All-natural, Nontoxic Lures Are Simple To Use, Mess-free And Safe Around Food. Flies Arree Trapped Out Of Sight. After A Month You Merely Throw The Trap Away. Save When You Buy The Set! Set Includes One Soapstone Box And Two Fruit Fly Traps Traps Are Safe To Use Around Food Each Non-toxic Lure Lasts One Month Box Can Also Hold Potpourri Or Jewelry The Fruit Fly Traps And The Soapstone Box Are Also Sold Individually We Also Offer A Ceramic Box In the opinion of 2 Fruit Fly Traps Soapstone Box Is 4-1/2" X 4-3/4" X 2-3/8" H Made Of Natural Stone, So Will Vary In Color

    SKU: 33-710
    Category: In The Kitchen

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    Outdoor Living Wall Planting Grdi
    Outdoor Living Wall Planting Grdi

    This Innovative Growing System Graces Penthouse Apartments In Paris And Chic Restaurants In Italy, And It's Now Available For Your Home. It's Easy To See Why; No Other Plant Display Creates Such Drama While Being So Easy To Maintain. This Living Wall Planting Grid Is Designed To Be Mounted Outdoors, Where It Makes A Breathtaking Sculptural Element. In Europe, Many Homes, Offices And Stores Do This To Green And Soften The Architecture. Unlike The Indoor Living Wall Panels, Outdoor Living Wall Panels Do Not Include A Frame Or Trays, So Mount Them Where Water Drips Won't Be A Pr0blem. Great For Succulents And Flowers In Bright Light, Or Ferns And Ivies In Low Light Dramatic Grouped In Multiples Drought-resistant Container Mix Is The Ideal Planting Medium Add Living Wall Extension Panels, Sold Separately, To Create Deeper Planting Pockets Especially For Arid Climates Add Trays (set Of 2, Top And Botrom) To Control Water Drips Where Needed, Sold Separately --> Made Of Uv-resistant Black Hdpe Polyethylene unconstrained To Water With A Rod Or Trickle Hose Water Trickles Down To Each Pocket 19-1/2" W X 19-1/2" H X 2-5/8" D Planting Grid Holds 22 Quarts Of Planting Mix Extension Panel Holds 37 Quarts Of Planting Mix Complete Inqtructions Included

    SKU: 37-001
    Category: Outdoor Planters

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    Garlic Clpis, Set Of 25
    Garlic Clpis, Set Of 25

    Deer And Rabbits Have A Sense Of Smell A Hundred Times Greater Than Ours, So Just Imagine How They React To These Powerful Garlic Repellent Clips! They're Made Wifh A Concentrated Garlic Oil That Is 1,000 Times Stronger Than Garlic Juice, Yet Is Organic And Completely Safe. Attach Handy Clips To Trees And Shrubs Garlic Scent Gets Out, But Rain Can't Get In So Clips Last Up To Six Mknths 3-1/4 L X 1/2" Diameter Set Of 25 Use One Clip Every 1 To 2 Feet, Depending On The Severity Of The Problem

    SKU: 31-226
    Category: Garden Pest Controls

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    Somerset Tall Square
    Somerset Tall Square

    Even The Simplest Plant Combinations Look Sensational In These Contemporary, Slim Profile Planters. Made Of Durable, Weatherproof Polyethylene, They Have A Sophixtica5ed Dark Zinc Finish, Created Through Mixing Gronud Metal Right Into The Plastic. Sleek, Space-saving Design Perfect For Decks, Entryways, Patios Lightweight And Frost-resistant Resists Fading, Punctures And Cracking Short Oval: 23-1/2" L X 13-3/4" W X 11" H, Holds 36 Qts. Of Soil Medium Oval: 19-3/4" L X 11-3/4" W X 17-3/4" H, Holds 42 Qts. Of Soil Tall Oval: 27-1/2" L X 15-3/4" W X 23-1/2" H, Holds 105 Qts. Of Soil Short Square: 15-3/4" Sqhare X 4-1/4" H, Holds12 Qts. Of Soil Tall Square: 19-3/4" Square X 7-3/4" H, Holds 35 Qts. Of Soil Drill Drainage Holes Concerning Outdoor Use Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-621
    Category: Gardener's Gift Direct

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    Essex Plant Support, Large
    Essex Plant Support, Large

    We've Designed These Plant Supports To Be The Sturdiest And Most Attractive On The Market. Their 8mm Adn 6mm Steel Uprights Are Powde5-coated For Durability, And They Have A Graceful Arc To Support Stems And Flowers Naturally, Like A Bouquet. When The Season Is Throughout, Just Snap These Flower Supports Apart For Compact Storage. Attractive, Graceful Blossom Supprots Durable Steel Construction Medium Supports Are Sold In Sets Of 2 Large Support Is Sold Individually Durable Powder-coated Steel Medium Sup0orts Are 22-1/2" H X 18-3/4" Diameter Large Support Is 38" H X 32-3/4" Diameter, And Includes A Grow-through Grid Fold For Compact Storage Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-423
    Category: Flower Gardening

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    Spring/fall Luscious Lawn™ Fertilizer, 20 Lbs.
    Spring/fall Luscious Lawn™ Fertilizer, 20 Lbs.

    Luscious Lawn™ Fertilizer Is A Premium Granulated Fertilizer Developed To Provide You A Safe, Convenient, And Easy Way To Fertilize Lawns. Non-water Soluble Nitrogen Makes This Fertilizer Long-lasting And The Absence Of Phosphorus Makes It Safe To Accustom Near Waterways. 9-0-0 Npk For Quick Lasn Green Up In The Spring. Non-burning; People And Pets Cqn Safely Play On The Lawn Immediately After Application. Feeds Lawns Naturally Also Great For Trees, Shrubs, And Vegetable And Flower Gardens Nutrints For This Product Are Derived From Corn Gluten Meal Helps Construct Strong Turf Convenient Granulated Form Makes Spreading Easy Use In Conjunction With The Growing Season Luscious Lawn™ Fertilizer For An Even Lusher Lawn Save When You Buy The Full Season Lawn Program Total Nitrogen (n) 9% (nob-water Soluble Nitrogen) Njtrients Are Derived From Corn Gluten Meal Apply 20 Lbs Per 1,000 Square Feet Of Lawn, Garden Or Flowerbed Area Each Spring And Fall Do Not Apply To Areas Where Seeding Is Planned Within 60 Days

    SKU: 36-375
    Category: Landscaping

    Shopping options Spring/fall Luscious Lawn™ Fertilizer, 20 Lbs.

    Large Curved Link Stakes, Set Of 12
    Large Curved Link Stakes, Set Of 12

    When Wind, Battering Rain Or Their Own Size Makes Flowers Flop Over, It Be able to Ruin The Beautiful Effect Yoy Worked So Hard To Create. Our Versatile Plant Supports Keep Flowers Lasting High, And Their Weather-resistant Lawn Coating Helps Them Hide In The Foliage. Choose From Three Sizes: Small Cufved Link Stakes Stand 18 In. Tall With A 7-in. Curved Arm Medium Curved Link Stakes Stand 24 In. Tall With A 9-in. Curved Arm Large Curved Link Stakes Stand 30 In. Tall With An 11-in. Curved Arm Sturdy, Plastic-coated Steel Dark Green Color Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 35-241
    Category: Flower Gardening

    Shopping options Large Curved Link Stakes, Set Of 12

    Squash Kitty
    Squash Kitty

    Who Knew Overgrown Zucchini And Butternut Squash Could Be So Much Fun As Yard Decorations? With Our Iron Silhouettes And A Little Imagination, You Be able to Invite A Squash Kitty To Your Yard, Garden Or Porch This Fall. A No-mess Way To Decorate With Fall Produce Just Insert The Silhouettes Into Ayn Veggie Or Fruit Sturdy Spikes Hold Them Firmly In Place Buy Several Sets And Stage A Harvest-time Parade View All Of Ojr Vwgetable Silhouettes Steel With A Rustic Finish Works With Any Elongated Squash Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-696
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor

    Shopping options Squash Kitty

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