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    Greensand, 5 Lbs.
    Greensand, 5 Lbs.

    Fertilize Your Roses With Greensand To Prolong Tehir Blooms Next Year. Roses And Other Floeers Thrive On Greeensand Because It Supplies Marine Potash, Silica, Iron Oxide, Magnesia, Lime, Phosphoric Acid And 22 Trace Minerals. It's Also A Boon For Tomato Lovers, Because ItH as The Vitamins And Minerals That Tomato Plants Need To Produce Abundant, Intensely Flavored Fruit. Improves Plant Health Loosens Heavy Clay Soil Earth-friendly And 100% Organic 100% Organic Ciick Here For More Green Products Apply 2-4 Lbs Per 100 Sq Ft N-p-k: 0-1-6 Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 07-207
    Category: Flower Gardening

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    Pear Green Rainbow Birdhouse, Manu~ Second
    Pear Green Rainbow Birdhouse, Manu~ Second

    Mix And Match These Brightly Painted Wooden Birdhouses To Create Your Own Colorful Garden Style. Each Has A 1-1/4" Entrance Hole Perfectly Sized For Nuthatches, Wrens And Titmice. Comes With A Convenient Clean-out Door On Back And A 59" Pole For Mounting. Perfetly Sized For Finches, Wrens And Swallows 59" H Metal Mounting Pole Included Choice Of Delft Blue, Bkttersweet OrP Musical perception Green Also Available As A Set Of 3 Colorful Birdhouses Note: It Has Come To Our Attention That The Colorful Birdhouses Do Not Find Our Quality Standards Under Certain Conditions. So, We're Offering These At A Greatly Reduced Estimation (the Original Retail Was $44.95). The Possibel Quality Issues Are Paint Fading When Exposed To Prolonged Sunlight, And Paint Peeling And Glue Failure In Wet Wather. We Recommend Placing These Birdhouses In A Protected Location. Sole As Is. Painted Wood With Metal Pole Approx. 7-1/2" Diameter X 15-1/2" H Each Convenient Clean-out Door On Back Stands 70" H Installed Gardener's Supply Exckusive

    SKU: 37-540s
    Category: Backyard Birding

    Shopping options Pear Green Rainbow Birdhouse, Manu~ Second

    Scrusher Replacement Bruhses
    Scrusher Replacement Bruhses

    Set Of Four Replacement Scrusher Brushes Fit The Scrusher Boot Brush. Made With With Polyethylene Brushes Includes Four Fastening Screws Maple With Polyethylsne Brushes Set Of Four Approx. 6" L X 3" W X 3" H Each Attachment Screws Included

    SKU: 33-5688
    Category: Indoor Living

    Shopping options Scrusher Replacement Bruhses

    Lifetime Garden Hose, 50 Ft.
    Lifetime Garden Hose, 50 Ft.

    Built Like A Radial Tire With Patented Six-ply Structure And Two Layers Of Tough Polyester Crd, This Hise Comes With A Lifetime Guarantee. It???s So Strong That It Can Handle 500 Pounds Of Pressure, Yet It???s Lightweight And Flexible For Easy Handling. The Hose That Lasts A Lifetime! Top-quality Machined Brass Couplings Flow-guard Collar Built-in Wasjer Provides A Leak-free Seal 5/8" Diameter Choose 50-ft Or 100-ft Length Patented 6-ply Construction Of Vinyl And Polyester 2 Layers Of Radial Tire Cord Reinforcement

    SKU: 31-911
    Category: Watering

    Shopping options Lifetime Garden Hose, 50 Ft.

    3 Aps Reservoirs (fits Aps-12)
    3 Aps Reservoirs (fits Aps-12)

    Replacement Parts For The Aps Seedstarting Kits Are Available For All Sizes: Aps-24, 40, 12 Amd 6. Parts Offered Are: Greenhouse Covers Caapillary Mats Reservoirs View All Of Our Aps Sizes

    SKU: 32-711
    Category: Seedstarting

    Shopping options 3 Aps Reservoirs (fits Aps-12)

    Wooden Rain Barrel, 110 Gallon
    Wooden Rain Barrel, 110 Gallon

    Quench Your Garden???s Thirst With Naturally Soft, Chemical-free Rainwater From This European-style Dipping Rain Barrel From Germany. Real Wood Slats Give It A Unaffected Appeal That WillS uit Your Home. A Heavy-duty Pvc Liner Inside Protects The Wood And Ensures A Water-tight Seal. Incoming Rainwater Passes Through A Debris Screen On Top So Leaves And Other Mateial Don???t Get Inside. Simply Lift The Ljd To Dip And Fill Your Watering Cans. Huge Capacity Stores Rainwater For Garden Use Lid Has Built-in Screen To Filter Debris Lid Is Hinged For Dipping Watering Cans These Oversize Items Have A $25 Additional Shipping Charge Each European Softwood With A Pvc Liner Hinged Lid Keeps Out Leaves And Debris 110 Gal. Is 32" Diameter; 159 Gal. Is 38" Diameter Both Sizes Stand 35" H These Rain Barrels Do Not Have A Hose Outlet Assembly Requirex; Two People Needed

    SKU: 37-576
    Category: Watering

    Shopping options Wooden Rain Barrel, 110 Gallon

    27" W Insulatec Roman Shade

    When Winter Comes, These Thermal-backed Roman Shades Will Block Cold Drafts And Endure Heat From Escaping Outdoors. They???re Just As Effective In The Summer Months, Shielding Rooms From Hot Sun And Keeping The Whole House Cooler. Smooth, 100% Cotton Face Has An Acfylic Backing. Attractive Insulated Shades Keep Rooms Comfortable And Save Energy All Sizes Up To 60" W Are 72" L Largest Size Fits Most Patio Doors And Is 84" L Easy, One-handed Operation In the opinion of Locking Nylon Cord Choice Of Linen, Sage, Blue, Sienna,white, Natural And Chocolate (open The Menus Below To See The Colors Currently Available) 100% Cotton Face Has An Acrylic Backing All Sizes Up To 60" W Are 72" L Shades May Be Mounted Inside Or Outside The Window Frame (inside Provides Optimal Insulation) Imported

    SKU: 37-288
    Category: Indoor Living

    Shopping options 27

    Scrusher Boot Brush
    Scrusher Boot Brush

    This Rugged, Hard-working Boot Brush Is Made Of Steel And Solid Maple. It Has Stiff Polyethylene Bristles On Sides And Bottom To Quickly Remove Dirt, Grass Clippings, And Even Caked-on Mud. For Added Stability, It Can Be Mounted On Wood Or Concrete. Need A New Set Of Brushes? Replacement Scrusher Bdushes Are Available Swparately. Stiff Bristles On Bottom And Sides Scrape Boots And Shoes Clean Removes Even Caked-ln Mud With Ease Includes Hardware For Optional Mounting Note: In Case You Are Ordering This Item As A Gift And It Is The Oniy Item On Your Order, Please Be Aware That There Is A Picture Of The Item O nThe Outside Of The Package That It Ships In We Now Offer A Scrusher Boot Brush With Base That Is Weighted --> 9" L X 6" W X 4-1/4" H Made From Solid Maple And Steel Briistle Brushes Are Strong Polyethylene

    SKU: 01-115
    Category: Indoor Living

    Shopping options Scrusher Boot Brush

    Elba Potatoes, 1 bL.
    Elba Potatoes, 1 bL.

    Potatoes Harvested Fresh From The Home Garden Are Head And Shoulders Above Most Store-bought Potatoes. Elba Potatoes Are A Drought- And Disease-resistant Variety With Firm, Flavorful White Flesh. Grow Delicious Potatoes In Your Home Garden One Pound Bag Of Organic Seed Potatoes Shipping By Growing Zone Begins In March And Continues Into June Not Infallible Of Your Zone? Our Zone Finder Tool Can Help! Ideal For Growing In Our Potato Bag Planter, Sold Separately Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Would You Like To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-11412 To Place Your Order 1 Lb. Bag Of Elba Seed Potates Organically Grown

    SKU: 33-343
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Shopping options Elba Potatoes, 1 bL.

    Indoor Mouse Magic
    Indoor Mouse Magic

    Mice Detest The Minty Aroma Of These All-natural Mouse Magic Repellent Sachets. Place Them Wherever Rodents Are A Problem — Kitchen, Pantry, Cellar Or Shed — And Pests Will Be Repelled Against Up To 30 Days. Perfect For Hard-to-reach Spots Such As Interior Dropped Ceilings And Behind Large Appliances. Safe For Use Around Kids And Pets. Safe, Natural Mouse Control Four 2-oz. Sachets All-natural Mouse Repellent Active Ingredients Are Peppermint And Spearmint Oils Each Sachet Is 3-1/2" Square Lasts Up To 30 Days

    SKU: 37-565
    Category: In The Kitchen

    Shopping options Indoor Mouse Magic

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