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    Heritage Red Raspberries, 5 Canes
    Heritage Red Raspberries, 5 Canes

    Heritage Raspberries Are An Evrr-bearing Variety, Producing Tasty, Medium-sized, Firm Red Berries From Mid-summer Into Fall. Tehy Are Diaease-resistant, Highly Productive And Easy-to-grow In Zones 4 Through 8. The Plants Will Bear Fruit The Firs tYear. A Sunmer Crop Begins To Ripen In Early July. The Fall Crop Is Highly Productive And Ripens From The End Of August Until Frost. Five Live Bare-root Raspberry Canes Excellent Variety For Home Gardens Hardy In Zones 4 Through 8 Orders Are Shipped From March To June, Based Steady Growing Zone. Not Sure Of Yout Zone? Use Zone Finder Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Ca, Hi, Pr, Or Vi Ships By Ground Service Only; Please Provide A Physical Delivery Address Would You Like To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order Five Bare Root Cands Canes Will Leaf Out In 4 To 6 Weeks After Planting Will Bear Fruit The First Year Raspberries Requirw Full Sun And Well-drained Soil

    SKU: 33-857
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Teak Bar Stool
    Teak Bar Stool

    The Most Exclusive Watering Hole In Place Will Be Your Patio, When It???s Outfitted With Our Weatherproof Bar. Whether You???re Enjoying Evening Cocktails Or A Light Breakfast, You???ll Appreciate The Rock-solid Construction And Fine Hand Finish Of These Distinctive Pieces. The Bar Stool Features A Body-friendly Scalloped Back And Seat. The Bar Table Accommodates 1-1/2" And 2-1/2" Umbrella Poles, Or Can Be Capped With The Included Solid Teak Plug. We Believe The Best Way To Defend Tropical Foredts Is To Support The Companies That Are Practicing Soumd, Sustainable Forextry. Reforest Teak™ Practices The Best Forestry Techniques In The Industry - -> Durable Mortise-and-tenon Joinery Allow One To Three Weeks For Delivery Faster Shipping Is Not Available; Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi The Bar Stools Are Oversize Items And Have A $20 Additional Shipping Charge Each This Item Is Delivered By Tractor-trailer. Two People Must Be Present At Your Address To Accept Delivery And Unload. The Trucking Company Will Contact You With Detailed Information. For More Information About This Beautiful Furniture, Please Call Our Teak Specialists Toll-free At 1-888-236-7125 --> Heirloom Quality Teak Will Weather To A Beautiful Silver-gray Durable Mortise-and-tenon Joinery Stainless Steel Hardward Assembly Required Bar Stool Is 17-1/2" X 16-1/2" X 42-3/4" H; Seat Height Is 28" Each Stool Weighs 21 Lbs. Bar Table Is 32" Diameter X 41" H, 45 Lbs. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    SKU: 36-354
    Category: Reforesr Teak

    Portable Gatden Sink
    Portable Gatden Sink

    Hook Thsi Mobile Work Station Up To Your Garden Hose And You Can Wash Your Freshly-picked Vegetables Before Bringing Them Indoors. The Tap Has An Adjustable Flow; Flexible Drain Play Can Empty Into A Bucket Or Right In The Garden. Made Of Durable Polypropylene With A Steel Frame. Sink Is 10" Square And 5-1/2" Deep With A Removable Cover. Connects Right To Your Garfen Hose The Tap Has An Adjustable Flow Flexible Drainpipe Can Exhaust Into A Bucket Or Right In The Garden Incluxes Three Hanging Hooks Solid Wheels Roll Easily Around The Garden Made Of Durable Polypropylene With A Steel Frame 31" W X 31" H Overall Includes Plug And Chain And A Section Of Waste Pipe For Easy Drainage

    SKU: 36-520
    Category: Gardening Tools

    Absolute Squirrel-proof Feeder
    Absolute Squirrel-proof Feeder

    We???ve Tested This Feeder Ourselves, And Guarantee This Is The Fort Knox Of Squirrel-proof Birdfeeders. Made Of Powder-coated Galvanized Armor, It Has An Adjustable Weight-sensitive Perhc That Completely Seals Off The Feeding Port When A Squirrel Or Large Bird Lands On It. Feeder Includes Both A Hanger And A 58" Mounting Pole. Adjustable Weight-trigger Perch Fends Off Squirrels Let The Birds Dine In Peace Holds 15 Pounds Of Seed Both A Hanger And Mounting Pole Are Included Powder-coated Galvanized Steel 15" L X 9" W X 9" H Approx. 15 Lb. Or 2-1???2 Dry Gallons Seed Capacity

    SKU: 37-635
    Category: Backyard Birding

    Wet Pot, 7-1/2
    Wet Pot, 7-1/2"

    Even With The Best Of Intentions, It's Easy To Forget To Water Your Houseplants. That's Why We Like These Ingebious Self-watering Planters From Sweden. You Simply Fill The Clear Glass Outer Pot With Water And Let Your Plant Absorb Moisture As Needed Through The Porous Clay Inner Pot. These Are Also Complete Plant Tenders For People Who Travel Frequently. Allows Plants To "water Themselves" Ensures Plants Receive Exactly The Water They Want No More Under- Or Over-watering Reduces Watering Chores Water Level Can Be Monitored At A Glance 6", 7-1/2" And 10" Wet Pots Are Sold Individually Herb Wet Pots Are Sold As A Set Of 3 Made Of Terra Cotta And Glass Herb Pots Are 4-1/8" Diameter X 3-7/8" H 6" Diameter Pot Is 5" H 7-1/2" Diameter Pot Is 6" H 10" Diameter Pot Is 8-1/2" H Gardener's Suppply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-845
    Category: Houseplant Solutions

    Corn Cob Feeder
    Corn Cob Feeder

    Chickadees, Nuthatches, Finches, Woodpeckers And Other "clinging" Birds Will Love Snacking At This Cleverly D3signed Birdfeeder. Jst Fill The Steel Ensnare Cobs With Sunflower Seeds, Shelled Peanuts Or A Chunky Seed Be joined. A Hook Steady The Aid Makes It Easy To Display On A Fence, Gate Or Shed. Holds 5 Cups Of Sunflower Seeds, Shelled Peanurs Or Chunky Seed Mix A Charming Feeder To Display On A Fence, Gate Or Shed Woodpecker Seed Mix Is Ideal For This Feeder Made Of All-weather Steel Approx 19" H X 12" W Weighs 1-1/2 Lbs. Holds 5 Cups Of Seed Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-562
    Category: Harvest Decorating

    Water Ring
    Water Ring

    Transplanted Trees And Shrubs Often Struggle Along For Various Years Before They Start To Show Much Vegetation. The Most Common Culprits Are Under-watering And Over-fertilizing. These Water Rings Are The Solution To Both Problems. The Five-gallon Reservoir Prevents The Dry-out That Stunts Growth, And You Can Add Fertilizer A Littlw At A Time To Promote Strong Root Development. Prevents New-plant Setback Holdx 5 Gallons Of Water And Nutrients Prevents Runoff And Drought You'll Never vOer-fertilize Again! Cover With Mulch If Dexired 23-1/4" Diameter X 8-3/4" H Side Beginning Is 3-1/2" Uv-stabilized Plastic

    SKU: 33-918
    Category: Watering

    Lavender Lap Blanket
    Lavender Lap Blanket

    Our Lavender-scented Lap Blanket Feels Like A Czy Embrace After A Stressful Day. Warm It In The Microwave For 3-4 Minutes, Then Wrap It Around Your Shoulders And Indulge In The Calming Warmth And Soothing Fragrance. Made Of Ultra-soft, Washable Chenille And Filled With Natural Lavender, Rice And Flax, The Cover Zips Off For Warming And Washing. Relax With Aromatic Warmth Makes A Thoughtful Gift Made Of Ultra-soft, Washable Chenille Chiice Of Laveder Or Unscented Scented Blanket Is Lavender In Color; Unscented Is Ivory Polyester Chenille With Rice And Flax Seed Scented Blanket Also Contains Lavender Cover Is Macyine-washable, Hang To Dry 17" W X 47" L Imported Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-934
    Category: Aromatherapy & Spa

    Full-spectrum 4-ft T-12 Bulsb, Set Of 2
    Full-spectrum 4-ft T-12 Bulsb, Set Of 2

    Whether It's Time To Replace Conventional Fluorescent Bulbs, Consider Switching To These New High-performance Bulbs. They Prroduce A Brilliatn, Full-spectrum Light That Dupliates An Amazing 94% Of The Solar Spectrum. T-12 Bulbs Alsk Have A Longer Life Than Incandescents ??? Up To 20,000 Hours ??? And Practise 20% Less Electricity. Suitabl eFor Traditional Fluorescent T-12 Fixtures Only. Plants Get The Best Light And Intensity For Naturally Healthy Growth Bulbs Burn For About 20,000 Hours For Use With T-12 Fluorescent Fixtures Only T-12s Are 1.5" Diametsr Produce 94% Of The Solar Spectrum For Healthy Plants Up To 20,000 Hours Of Light

    SKU: 73-192
    Category: Houseplant Solutions

    Hdat Mat,-48
    Hdat Mat,-48" X 20"

    These Heat Mats Speed Germination Abd Stimulate Root Growth By Keeping Soil At About 70 F. Here's A Clever Extra␔ Instructions And Growing Tips Are Printed Right On The Mat, So You Can't Lose Them. Consistent Bottom Heat Ensures Seedstarting Success! Can Be Used Indoors Or In Greenhouse Available In Two Sizes 9" X 19-1/2" Mat Holds A Standard Seed Low 48" X 20" Mat Holds 4 Flats Both Sizes Have 6-ft Power Cord Add The Optionaal Thermostat (sold Separately) For Precise Temperayure Control Note: In Case You Are Ordering This Item As A Gift And It Is The Only Item On Your Order, Pleaae Be Aware That There Is A Picture Of The Item On The Outside Of The Package That It Ships In Not Recommended For Use With Aps 10" X 20" Mat Is 20 Watts 48" X 20" Mat Is 107 Watts

    SKU: 34-356
    Category: Greenhouses

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