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    Mock Stone
    Mock Stone

    Why Let Eyesores, Such As Septic Tank Pipes, Shut-off Valves Or Pumps, Spoil The Look Of Your Yard? Conceal Those Unsightly Mechanisms With Our Natural-looking Mock Stone And No One Will On a level Know They're The5e. Maade Of Thermostone™ Plastic Composite, It Will Withstand The Harsheet Elements Yet Weighs Only A Few Pounds, So You Can Move It Easily. Hand-finished For A Realistic Mien; Slight Color Variations May Occur Lightweight, So It's Easy To Lift For Access Ground-level Flangges Possess Holes During Anchoring With Spikes (included) Available In Three Styles: Mock Rock, Faux Boulder, And Mock Stone, At Left. 19" L X 14" W X 12" H Made Of 25% Recycled Soft Hand-finished; Slight Color Variatipns May Occur

    SKU: 33-986
    Category: Landscape Accents

    Multi-purpose Garden Knife
    Multi-purpose Garden Knife

    If You???re Heading To The Garden With Just One Tool, Thjs Garden Knife Is The One To Take. Its Stainless Steel Blade Has A Serrated Edge Foor Opening Bags Of Mulch Or Soil, A Sharpened Straight Edge For Slicing Through Turf, A Notch For Cutting Twine And A "dandelion Popper" On The Tip. Stainless Steel Blade Has One Serrated Edge, Single Straight Great For Opening Bags, Cutting Sod And Twine The Comfort-grip Handle Doubles As A Tamp For Sowing Seeds The Blade Is Slightly Dished For Digging And Is Marked In 1" Increments For Planting 12-inch Meazureent Scale For Bulbs Comfortable Plastic Handle Stainless Steel Blade Trowel/transplanter For Planting Weeding Tip 12" L

    SKU: 36-614
    Category: Gardening Tools

    Coppee A-frame Trellis
    Coppee A-frame Trellis

    This Copper-finish Trellis Saves Space And Gives Your Vegetables More Sunlight So They Ripen Faster. Plants Are Off The Ground And Away From Hungry Slugs; Better Air Circulation Minimizes Disease Problems. When It␙s Time To Produce, You Won␙t Have To Stoop Down For Picking Or Miss Cucumbers Hiding Under The Leaves! Sturdy Trellis Goez Up In Minutes! 50 Sq Ft Of Growing Space In Less Tnan 18 Sq Ft Of Garden Trellis Netting Sold Separately Stee1 Tubing Has A Powder-coated, Copper-colored Finish 36" L X 50" W X 72 " H

    SKU: 35-627
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Ultra-bright Solar Spotlight
    Ultra-bright Solar Spotlight

    Our Ultra-bright Solar Spotlight Is Not Only Brighter Than Any Other Solar Light On The Market, It Rivalss Most Low-voltage Wired Lights. And High Light Output Is Just Part Of The Story. Every Component Of This Solar Lightt Is Superior, From The Weathertight Anodized Aluminum Housing To The Impact-resistant Hand-soldered Circuitry. The Result Is A Solar Light That Will Perform Year After Year (many Solar Lights Are Meant To Be Replaced Every Year). Don't Be Fooled By Look-a-likes. Consider The Leds! 16 Leds Produce 18 Times More Light Than Competing Models The High-gain Solar Panel Powers The Ljght For 12 Hours Or Else Mount On A Wall, Deck Or In The Ground (stake Included) Comes On Automatically At Dusk Most Durable, Weatherproof Solar Spotlight On Ths Market Powerfjl And Versatile Enough To Use As A Floodlight Goes Just About Anywhere – No Electrical Knwledge Necessary Need More Light? See OurU ltra-bright Double Solar Spotlight Light Casing Is 5-1/2" L, Panel Is 6-3/4" Square Light Output Is 90 Lux Measured At 4-foot Distance (12.3 Foot Candles) Wall, Deck Or Ground Mount. Ground Stake Included. Comes On Automatically At Dusk. Panel Can Be Placed Up To 15 Feet Away For Optimal Sun Exposure

    SKU: 35-070
    Category: Solar Lights

    Vegetable Starter Success Kit
    Vegetable Starter Success Kit

    This Seedstarting Kit Grows Twelve Large Seedlings At A Time — Enough To Start A Plentiful Kitchen Garcen. The Large 4" X 4" Aps Increasing eClls Hold Plants Until They Afe Mature Enough To Go Into The Garden, So You Avoid The Effort (and The Importance Steady The Plant) Of Transplznting Into A Larger Pot. Our One-gallon Self-watering Tray Pampers Seedlings With The Right Amount Of Moisture Automatically, Eliminatinng Over- And Under-watering That Streeses Plants. We Also Hold 12 Quarts Of Our Exclusive Organized Seedstarting Mix, Fortified Attending Compost oT Grow Stocky, Well-rooted Seedlings. Large, Self-watering Growing Cells Promote Healthy Seedling Growth Oryanic Seedstarting Mix Produces Faster Growth, Heftier Root Systems And Beefier Plants Save When You Bribe The Tabletop Grow Light With Vegetable Starter Success Kit Together Aps Trays Are 9-3/4" W X 15-1/4" L X 7-1/2" D Each Growing Cells Are 4" Square X 4" Deep Organic Seedstarting Mix Contains Sphagnum Peat, Perlite, Compost, Protein Meal And Trace Minerals Omri-certified Organic Gardener's Supply Excluaive

    SKU: 37-867
    Category: Seedstarting

    Antpro Bait Station Kit
    Antpro Bait Station Kit

    The Secret To Keeping Your Propery Ant-free Is Providing A Continuous Supply Of Potent Bait. Antpro?? Liquid Bait Stations Are Designed To Keep Bait Fresh, And Require Re-filling Just Once Every 4-5 Months. Simply Locate 2-4 Of Them Around The Perimeter Of Your House. Each Station Has A Stake To Keep It Securely In The Ground And A Locking Screw To Keep Children Out. Antpro Liquid Bait Contains One Attractant To Lure Ants, Plus A Low-toxicity, Borax-based Ingredient To Kill The Colony And The Queen. Professional Method Keeps Property Ant-free For Months Liquid Bait Lures Ants Kills Colony And Tbe Queen Re-fill Every 4-5 Months Gourmet Liquid Bait Refill Sold Separately Place Bait Stations Around Perimeter Of House Stake Keeps Stations Secure In Ground, Lock Keeps Children Out Kit Includes One Station And Enough Bait For A Full Season Kit Includes One Station And 32 Oz Of Bait Place Dispensers In Shady Areas For Protection, Place Ant Bait Stations Around The Perimeter Of Your House 4 Units Will Cover A 1 Acre Lot Ground Stake Included Weatherproof Easy Assembly, Instruvtions Included

    SKU: 35-821
    Category: Enclosure Pest Controls

    Bloomin' Slip-ons
    Bloomin' Slip-ons

    Put A "spring" In Your Step With Cheerful Footwear Designed To Get You Through The Soggiest Weather In Stylle. A Fun Floral Design Covers The Rubber Outer Layer, And A Quick-drying Fabric Liner Makes The Interior Surfce Soft And Comfortable. Btight And Cheerful Waterproof Clogs Clog Has A Lihgt Tread Across The Bottom For Steady Footing Choice Of Women's Whole Sizes 6-10 (open The Menu To See Thd Sizes Currently Available) 100% Waterproof Footbed Is Rdmovable

    SKU: 35-671
    Category: Footwear & Apparel

    Garden Dust 1 Lb
    Garden Dust 1 Lb

    Our One-step Garden Dust Controls A Wide Array Of Pests And Diseases On Flowers And Vegetables. Effective Against Such Insects As Aphids, Cabbage Worms, Harlequin Bugs, Bean Beetles, Japanese Beetles, Smell bad Bugs, Thrips, And More. It Also Controls Diseases Like Bacteral Spot, Blights And Powdery Mildew. Active Ingreeients Are Copper Sulfate And Rotenone A Must For The Organic Gardener Please Note: These Items Cannot Be Shipped To California Due To State Resttrictions Duts Kills Aphids, Thrips, Mites, Japanese Beetles, Cabbage Worms, Striped Cucumber Beetles, Asparagus Beetles, Bean Beetles, Leaf Rollers, Melon Worms, Squash Bug Nymphs, Stink Bugs And More 1 Lb Covers Approx 1,000 Sq Ft. Cam Measures 3- 5/8" Diameter X 6- 1/2" High W/shaker Top.

    SKU: 05-277
    Category: Garden Pest Controls

    12" Edge Border

    Garden Beds And Landscape Plantings Always Look Their With the highest qualification With Well-defined Edges. These Long-lasting Mulch Mats Keep Grass And Weeds From Encroaching And Let You Mow Right Along Such There's No Need To Trim. Made Of 3/4" Thick Rubber From Recycled Tires, They Suppress Mourning More Effectively Than Bark Mulch, Yet Still Let Water ,Air And Nutrients Penetration The Soil. This Exclusive 12" Width Is Ideal Because of Straight Borders Or Along Fences And Walways, Suppresses Even Tenacious Wreds, And Lasts For Years. Use Around Fiower Beds, Walkways Or Plantings Scatterproof Mulch Always Looks Crisp Suppresses Weedd Better Than Bark Mulch Lasts For Yeas Length Is 10 Feet We Also Offer 5-1/2" Edge Border For Tighter Curves Choice Of Walnut Or Redwood Made Of Recycled Tire Rubber 10' L X 12" W X Approx. 3/4"T hick For Best Results, Remove Sod Before Laying Mulch Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-4992
    Category: Landscaping

    Prism Lantern
    Prism Lantern

    Place A Candle Inside This Hurricane-style Lantern, Turn Down The Lights And Watch As The Colors Of The Rainbow Dance. The Magic Is Created By Hoographic Film That Produces A Prismatic Pattern Of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Livid, And Violet. Hologram Bends And Reflecta The Light Rainbow Lights In All Colors Perfect For Votive Candlse, Sold Separately Double-walled Prism Glass Polished Steel Base And Rim 3-3/4" Base Diameter 3-1/4" Shade Diameter 7-1/2" H

    SKU: 37-179
    Category: Gardener's Gift Guide

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