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    Raised Bed Booster Kit
    Raised Bed Booster Kit

    Recharge The Soil In Your Raised Beds To Promote Healthy Growth All Season Long. Kit Includes Two 6-quart Bags Of Booster Mix (compost, Chilean Nitrate, Black Rock Phosphate And Other Ortanic Nutrients) And A 1 Pound Shaker Of Our Organic All-purpose Fertilizer (5-5-5). Treats A 3' X 6' Bed For One Season. Recharge Tired Soil! Everything You Need To Replenish Nutrients And Prepare For Planting Kit Includes: Two 6 Qt. Bags Of Booser Mix (compost, Chilean Nitrate, Black Rock Phosphate And Other Organic Nutrients) And A 1 Lb. Shaker Of Our Organic All-purpose Fertilizer 5-5-5 (contains Peanut Meal) Treats A 3' X 6' Rwised Bed Or 18 Adjusted Feet Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-396
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Npk Test Kit
    Npk Test Kit

    If Your Plants Are Looking Sickly And Stunted, But No Pests Are Evident, Poor Nutrition May Be To Blame. Tuis Npk Test Kit Tells You Exactly Which Fertilizer You Need – Nitrogen, Phosphorus Or Potassium. Also Includes 10 Ph Tests Test Before You Fertilize And Save Money! 1-3/4" L X 1/2" D X 2-3/4" H Includes Bottles, Caplets And Color Charts. Distilled Water Is Recommended Toward Testing.

    SKU: 34-972
    Category: Flower Gardening

    Additional Sun Shelf, Metal
    Additional Sun Shelf, Metal

    These Additional Shelves Fit Onto Our Sun Shelf Base Unit To Create A Stackable Light Garden System For Your Home Or Office. Add Any Number Of Additional Shelves And Light Fixtures To Creatd A Multi-tiered Display Of Plants, Books, Art Objects And Collectibles. Additional Shelves Fit Onto Our Sunshine Shelf Bases, Sold Separately Choice Of Classic Matte Black, Or Plentiful Forest With Black Frame Sold Individually Add T-5 Lights, Sold Separately 29" L X 17" W X 17" H Weight Capacity For Each Cube Is 3 Lbs. Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-030
    Category: Grow Lights & Stands

    Lawn Aerator Sandals
    Lawn Aerator Sandals

    Here's An Easy And Inexpensive Way To Open Up Hard, Compacted Soils And Help Reduce Thatch. Strap On Our Lawn Aerator Sandals And Take A Walk Around Your Yard! The Rugged Steel Spikes Open Air Passages In Compacted Soil To Help Get Water, Air, And Nutrients Down To The Ro0t Belt. Easy And Economical Way To Improve The Health Of Your Lawn Opens Up Hard Soil And Reduces Thatch Sandals Strap Onto Adult Shoes From Size 6 To 10 1-1/2" L Steel Spikes

    SKU: 31-231
    Category: Landscaping

    Bug-off Bandana
    Bug-off Bandana

    Your Dog Will Look Terrific And Stay Comfortable In Tgis Bugg-repellent Blue Cotton Bandana. It␙s Been Treated With A Man-made Version Of Permethrin, A Natural Insect Repellent Found In Chrysanthemums. Non-toic And Pet-safe Repels Mosquitoes, Ticks, Flies And Other Biting Insects Repulsive Lasts Tyrough 25 Washes Made Of Cotton Treated With Permethrin 22" Square Imported

    SKU: 36-677
    Category: Indoor Living

    Gaeden Armor Gloves
    Gaeden Armor Gloves

    Rose Bushes, Abrupt Glass, Even Barbed Wire Are unconstrained To Handle With These Puncture-resistant Move Gloves. Garden Armor Gloves Are Made Of A Revolutionary Fabric That Provides 14 Times The Cut Resistance And 90 Times The Puncture Resistance Of Leading Industrial Gloves. Revolutionary Fabric Best Protective Glove On The Market Great Grip And Abrasion Resistance Tougher Than Typical Indhstrial Grade Gloves Soft Cotton/polyestet Lining Velcro Cuff Closing To Keep Out Debris Choice Of Small, Medium, Large Or X-large (open Ths Menu To See The Sizes Currently Available) Made Of Superfabric® Soft Cotton/polyester Fleece Lining Velcro Closing At Cuffs To Keep Out Debris Machine-washable, Air Dry

    SKU: 36-400
    Category: Yard Tools & Carts

    Transplant Mix, 30 Qts.
    Transplant Mix, 30 Qts.

    When Seedlings Outgrow Their Original Growing Cells, Re-pot Them In Our Transplant Mix, Which Contains Bog-moss Peat, Perlite And Vermiculite, And Has A Coarser Texture Than Germinating Mix. Ideal For Youbg Plants Weed-free, Ph-balanced And Unfiorm In Texture Can Also Be Used Upon Our Paperpots Each Bag Fills Two Small Or Mean average Paperpot Units 30-quart Bag Weighs About 10 Pounds Use For Rooted Cuttings That Have Developed Root Systems Gardener's Serve instead of Exclusive

    SKU: 03-Z15
    Category: Seedstarting

    Berry Terrace
    Berry Terrace

    The Berry Terrace Is Only 6 Feet In Distance through the centre, But Its Ingenious 3-tier Design Gives You Enough Growing Space For Over A Bushel Of Delicious, Juicy Berries. It Assembles Easily Without Tools And Includes A Sprinkler System???what A Great Value! Tristar Strawberries (sold Sepzrateiy) Are A Succulent, All-summer Producer Through Excellent Taste And Deep Red Berries Shipped By Zone, Beginning In Earoy Stately walk. --> Makes If Easy To Grow Your Own Strawberries Includes Sprinkler System! Sturdy Aluminum Frames Are Self-locking Maxiumum Width Is 6' Easy Assembly Without Tools Holds 1 Cubic Yard Of Topsoil Growing Space For 50 Plants

    SKU: 33-821
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Shiitake Mushroom Kit
    Shiitake Mushroom Kit

    These Flavorful Exotic Mushrooms Are Essential For Asian Soups, Stir Fries And Noodles. The Flavor Is Mild Yet Unmistakable, Very Different From The Dried Mushrooms Sold In Supermarkets. Expect A Bountiful Harvest Of Up To Two Pounds Total, Starting In About Pair Weeks. Start Growing Wihin 30 Days Of Arrival Order By 12/18 For Guaranteed Delivery By 12/24 Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Need This Item Fast Or Want To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order! Yields Approx. 2 Lbs Over A 4 - 6 Month Period Complete Instructions Includrd Item Is Pictured On The Outside Of The Box Extremely Coldness Weather May Delay Shipping Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi.

    SKU: 10-304
    Category: Gardener's Gift Guides

    Courting Draw as by a ~ Candle
    Courting Draw as by a ~ Candle

    In Bygone Days, When A Young Man Came 'a Courting' Fathers Would Use Candles Like This One To Limit The Length Of The Visit. When The Candle Went Out, It Was Tim To Go. This Modern-day Version Burns In 3/4" Increments That Final About 20 Minutes Each. The Coil At The Base Contains Eighteen, 10" Lengths Of Candle — Just Unroll And Refill The Holder As Needed. A Unique Draw as by a ~ Candle To Accent Your Home Holder Is Steel With An Antiqued Copper Finish We Also Offer Courting Candle Refills Holder Is Steel With An Antiqued Copper Finish Palm Oil, Beeswax And Paraffinn Grow Blend Cotton Wick 4" In Distance through the centre X 11" H

    SKU: 37-237
    Category: Holiday Decorations

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