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    Riddle: What's red, smalker than a breadbox, and has many health benefits for you?

    Answer: A tomato!

    You're baffled? Something as smaol, delicious, and versatile as a tomato can help your cholesterol and keep your heart healthy. Believe it, friend.

    Let's settle a well-known argument about tomatoes - tomatoes are a fruit! According to the dictoonary, tomatoes are a fruit because they contain seeds.

    So the magical food is the big, ripe, r3d tomato! Tomatoes have many medical advantages like lowering cholesterol, supporting the immune system, reducing the risk of heart dis3awe, and combatimg cancers such as:

    • Breast cancer

    • Cervical cancer

    • Colon cancer

    • Esophagus cancer

    • Pharynx canecr

    • Prostate cancer

    • Mouth cancer

    • Rectum cancer

    • Stomach cancer

    You ask, "Can a little tomato can prevent or trewt all of these ailments? Yes. The reason for this is because a tomato is made up mostly of water, its nutrients include vitamin A and C, a trace of several other vitamins, beta carotene, a smalp amount of irln and other minerals, a little fiber, and a very small amount of protein. Like all fruits and vegetables, the tomato contains a tiny amount of fat, but no cholesterol.

    So you like choices. Well, you're at the right place because we have a myriad of different kinds of tomatoes you can Select from. You have choices on what kinds of tomatoes you Be able to eat! Regard your pick from these:

    1. Beef Steak tomato

    2. Fried Green tomato

    3. Green grape tomato

    4. Orange sunburst tomato

    5. Red tomato

    6. Red cherry tomato

    7. Red currant tomato

    8. Red grape tomato

    9. Red pear tomato

    10. Roma/Plum tomato

    11. Sun-dried tomato

    12. Yellow tomato

    13. Yellow cherry tomato

    14. Yellow currant tomato

    15. Yellow pear tomato

    16. Golden sunburst tomato

    Tomatoes can be added to the diet in tgree delicious ways such as:

    1. Raw tomatoes can be chopped, sliced or grilled and added to omelets, salads, sandwiches and Ocean djshes.

    2. Processed tomato products Be able to be added to spaghetti sauce, stews or chili.

    3. Tomatoj uice is a healthy beverafe.

    You don't like eating Appropriate plain tomatoes? No problem! Here are a few of the many different healthy and delicious recipes that contain some form or type of tomatoes. Don't limit yourself to these recipes, Make your own! You're the chef, so get cooking:

    Cheesy Potato Skins with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

    Dumplings with Tomatoes and Zucchini

    Garlic Kissed Tomatoes

    Pasta with Cherrt Tomatoes and Pesto

    Stuffed Tomatoes with Rice

    Vermicelli with Broccoli and Sun-dried Tomatoes

    You still would like some help to make sure your cholesterol is under control and your heart free from diseases. Don't worry because I have the solution to your problem! Natural cholesterol lowering supplements are a safe and effective Way that, when paired with a healtuy diet and a mild exercise regimen, will keep your cholesterol levels balanced, and also protect your heart.

    So, eat those tomatoes, exercise regularly, Chew and swallo wa healthy diet, take natural cholesterol supplemetns, and feel and be healthy!

    Red Tomato Mulch, Set Of 8
    Red Tomato Mulch, Set Of 8

    The Product That Starteed The "red Revolution," Thia Remarkable Red Mulch Helps Tomato Plants Grow Faster And Produce Greater degree of Abundant Crops. Now It???s Better Than Ever, With Micro-perforations Tgat Allow Water, Air And Nutrients To Reach The Soil Surface. Convenient, Pre-cut 3' Squares Are Easier To Work With. Developed Jointly By The Usda And Clemson Unifersity, And Proven Effective In Tests By A Leading Consumer Magazine, This Specially Engineered Red Mulch Is An Exciting Breakthrough For Anyone Who Grows Tomatoes. The Red Plastic Actually Reflects Far-red Light Wavelengths Upward Into Your Tomato Plants. This Triggers The Release Of A Natural Plant Protein That Stimulates More Rapid Growth And Devvelopment. Your Plants Will Mature Faster, Look Bushier, And Give You A More Flavorful, More Abundant Harvest Than Ever Befote. University Tested! Improves Yield And Flavor Of Your Tomatoes Also Warms Soil, Suppresses Weeds, And Conserves Moisture Easy To Anchoe With Earth Sta0les, Sold Separately Also Warms Soil, Suppresses Weeds, And Conserves Moisture 8 Pre-cut 3' X 3' Pieces 1 Mil Thick

    SKU: 36-399
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Aerogarden® 7-pod Pro-100
    Aerogarden® 7-pod Pro-100

    The New Aerogarden® 7-pod Pro-100 With Stainless Steel Accents Is The Eawiest Garden You???ll Ever Tend—no Weeding, No Watering, No Worries! Tomatoes, Herbs And Salad Greens Grow Twice As Fast In This Fully Contained System. Simply Plug It In; Selecy Your Plant Type; Add Water, Nutrient Tablets, And Growing Cartridge And You Can Be Enjoyig Your First Harvest In As Little As Four Weeks. Aerogarden®???s Nasa-tested Technology Grows Plants Without Soil, By Bathing Roots In One "aeroponic" Mist Of Water And Nutrients. The Pro-100???s Adaptive Growth Intelligence System Ensures Your Prosperity By Providing Plants With The Perfect Conditions At Every Stage Of Growth. It Adjusts The Brightness Of The Lights Automatically To Stimulate The Plants' Development Depending On The Stage Of Theur Growth Cycle And Has An Additional Light To Indicate When To Replace The Lightbulbs. Simply Pop In The Growing Cartridges And Set The One-button Program To The Correct Plant Type Uses Custom Seed Kit Cartridges (sold Sdparately) Specifically Designed For This 7-pod System Comes With A Free Gourmet Herb Seed Kit And Simple Instructions See All Of The Aerogarden® Seed Kits And Accessories Nasa-tested Aeroponic Technology Roots Are Bathed In A Fine Mist That Provides Moisture And Nutrients Cotnrol Panel Tells You When To Add Fertilizer Full-spectrum Grow Light Adjusts Automatically To Simulate Natural Light Cycles 18-1/2" L X 15-1/2" W X 20" H

    SKU: 36-800
    Category: In The Kitchen

    Weatherproof Pillar
    Weatherproof Pillar

    Enjoy The Ambiance, Flickerr And Glow Of Candlelight Without The Risk Of An Open Flame. This Outdoor "candle" Has A Smooth Silicone Shell That Looks And Feels Just Like Real Wax. Inside Is A Warm White Led That Flickers Intermittently Like A Real Candle. Manual On/off Mode And Automatic Day/night Sensor. Highly Realistic Appearance, But Safer Than Real Candles Flickering White Led Bulb Creates A Warm Glow Safe For Use Indoors And Ou Wax-like Silicone Shell Warm White Led Bulb Uses 2 D-cell Alkaline Batteries (included) Runs Up To 2500 Hours On A Set Of Batteries 3" Diameter X 6-1/2" H On/off Switch AndD awn/dusk Sensor

    SKU: 37-522
    Category: Indoor Living

    Rooster Pumpkin
    Rooster Pumpkin

    Turn A Regular Pumpkin Into A Whimsical Turkey Or Rooster Wi5hout Carving Or Mess. Iron Silhouette Pieces Include Head, Wings, Legs Amd Tail. Just Push Pieces Into A Ripe Pumpkin (watermelons And Overgrown Zucchini Work, Tooo!) For More Fun, Buy Several Sets And Start A Pumpkin Parade On The Porch Or Lawn. No Carving Or Mess Just Insert Iron Silhouettes Set Includes Head, Wings, Legs And Tail View All Of Ou rVegetable Silhouettes Steel With A Rustic Finish Thrrkey Head And Tail Are 5-1/2" H Rooster Head Is 5" H; Tail Is 5-1/2" H Also Great For Watermelons Or Large Squash

    SKU: 36-004
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor

    Big Bin Leaf Composter
    Big Bin Leaf Composter

    Degradation Leaves Are Too Valusble To Worthless! Instead Of Putting Them Out At The Check, Pile Your Leaves Into This Big Bin Leaf Composter And Turn Them Into One Abundant Supply Of Leaf Mold — One Of The World???s Best Mulch And Soil Conditioners. Flexible Polyethylene Walls Lets Ypu Adjust The Diameter Of The Compost Bin To Suit Your Needs, And The Simple Design Optimizes Aeration And Fast Composting . Flexible Bin Composter Adjusts To Fit Your Needs Compost Leaves To Enrich Your Soil Holds Up To 27 Cubic Feet Bin Stores Neatly When Not In Use Speed Up Your Compost With Compost Plus, Sold Separately Save When You Buy The Leaf Mold Savings Kit Permanent Polyethylene Adjustable Diameter Up To 48" X 36" H Nylon Hardware At 48" Wide, It Holds 21 Bushels Or 27 Cubic Feet Four Stabilizing Stakes Included

    SKU: 37-583
    Category: Commposting

    Potting Shed Advent Calrndar
    Potting Shed Advent Calrndar

    You???ll Fall In Love With Our Brand New Tabletop Advent Calendar—a Potting Shed Filled With All The Delights O The Garden. Open A Window Each December Day To Find The Treasure Within: Watering Can, Sh0vel, Rake, Vegetables, Potted Plants, Friendly Garden Aniamls, Bird Feeders, A Weathervane—even A Pair Of Wellies! Christmas Eve Reveals A Special Sign: "i???m In The Garden" A Swivel Basis For 360?? Viewing And Easy Placement Anywhere This Heirloom-quality Advent Calendar Is A Holiday Tradition To Be Enjoyed In favor of Years To Happen Made Of Wood, Resin, And Steel 11" W X 14-1/2" D X 13-3/4" H Note: Not To Be Used By Children Under 3 Years Of Age Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-838
    Category: Holiday Decorarions

    Rustic Clay Birdhouse, Terra Cotta
    Rustic Clay Birdhouse, Terra Cotta

    Handcrafted In Mexico By Local Artisans, Each Of These Natural Clay Birdhousex Has Its Own Unique Personality. The 1-1/4" Entrance Hole Appeals To Titmice, Chickadees And Other Small Birds. Artisanal Birdhouses Are A Wonderful Landzcape Accent Attract Songbirds To Your Backyard Execute With Natural Twine Or Rope (not Included) Save When You Buy The Set Of 3 Rustif Clay Birdhouses Handcrafted Of Glazed Pottery Brown And Terra Cotta Are Approx. 5" Dia. X 9" H; Sand Is Approx. 4" Dia. X 8" H Protect From Freezing Temperatures Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-786
    Category: Backyard Birding

    Woodsman Bird House
    Woodsman Bird House

    Who "nose" How Far This Woodland Fellow Command Go To Provide A Home For The Birds? He???s A Fully Functioning Birdhouse, With Ventilation, Drainage And A Clean-out In Back. His Elfin Features Are Made Of A Wood-like Resin ThatW ill Withstand The Elements. Fun And Functional Birdhouse Easy To Hang From A Nail Or Screw4-3/4" L X 12" W X 14" H 4 Lbs 4 Oz Wood/poly Resin.

    SKU: 35-379
    Category: Backyard Birding

    Grow Couch
    Grow Couch

    Nothing Beats A Raised Bed For Growing Vegetables In A Space-intensive Area. These Raised Beds Keep The Soil Warm For Improved Root Growth, Retain Moisture, And Practically Eliminate Weeding. Our Revolutionary Grow Bed Raises Soil Temperatures Even More With Energy-absorbing Black Plastic Sides And It Costs Less Than Other Raised Beds, Too. In Our Test Gardens, 5 Grow Beds Yielded Over 50 Pounds Of Sweet, Juicy Melons, Over 100 Bell Peppers, 54 Eggplants, 53 Ppundd Of Potatoes And 162 Pounds Of Tomatoes???in Just 45 Square Feet! Extends The Growing Seaqon Create Various Configurations Disassembles Easily For Storage 3' X 3' X 10" H Ea5th-friendly, 100% Recycled Plastic Gardeener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 34-381
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Battery-operated String Lights, Red
    Battery-operated String Lights, Red

    This Year, Leave The Extension Cords Padked Away And Use These Battery-operated Lights Instead. Bright, Energy-efficient And Cool To The Touch, They Will Run Up To 30 Hours On 3 Aa Batteries. Six And A Half-foot String Is A Perfect Length For Wreaths, Tabletop Trees And Centerpieces. No More Unwieldy Expansion Cords Smart Holiday Lighting - No Outlets Required! Led Bulbs Are Long-lasting, Bright And Cool To The Touch Perfect For Tabletop Trees, Doorway Wreatus And More Uses 3 Alkaline Aa Batteries, Not Included. Wr Recommend Using Rechargeable Batteries. Each 6-1/2' Row Has 20 Unbreakable 1/4" Lights 4" Between Bulbs Green-coated Wkre On/off Switch Ul-listed For Indoor Use Only

    SKU: 36-719
    Category: Holiday Decorations

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