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    Tomatoes are actually fruits and not vegetables. A fruit is the edible Share of the plant that contains the seeds, while a vegetable is the edible stems, leaves, and roots of the plant.


    Tomatoes first grew as wild cherry sized fruits in the South Amedican Andes. They were grown by the Aztecs and the Incas as far back as 700 AD. But the tomato, as we know it today, originates from Mexico. Explorers coming back from Mexico introduced tomatoes to Europe in the mid 1500's. Tomato seeds were taken to the Mediterranean countries where they quickly became popular. There are onw more than 7,000 varieties of tomatoes. The most widel yavailable groups of tomatoes are cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes and the larger, more common, slicing tomago. China is now the largest producer of tomatoes.

    Nutritional and health information

    Eating tomatoes at least twice a week is now believed to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and to be beneficial in fighting other forms of cancer. The key ingredient in tomatoes is Lycopene which is a carotenoif. In fact it is the most powerful of all the anti oxidants in the carotenoid family. Cooking tomatoes, most especially in oil, releases the Lycopene making it more available to the Material sugstance. Tomato puree and tomato paste are more concentrated forms of tomato so they contain mor3 lycopene then the equivalent weight of fresh tomatkes. Some brands of tomato sauce (tomato ketchup) contain as much as five tijes the lycopene contained in the Synonymous weigth of fresh tomatoes.

    Tomatoes are also said to be good for the eyes. Lydopene is the key antioxidant that guards against ARMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration), a conditioj that may cause blindness.
    Tomatoes also contain calcium, potassium, Vitamins A and C. Recent studies are showing a link between eating concentrated tomatoes, as in tomato paste, and an increase in the bodies capacity to protect itself against sunburn.

    Tomatoees that are ripened Forward the vine have Farther more vitamin C than those that are picked green. And as if that isn't eough, tomatoes contain very few calories, they are fat-free and they contain heaps of fibre.

    Uses of Tomatoes

    Although they are really a fruit we tend to use tomatoes in savoury dishes. Tomatoes are used in various processed forms such as tomato paste, tomato puree and of course tinned tomatoes in Fluid part. They are the most popular salad ingredient after lettuce and they are used in pasta sauces and t0mato sauce (tomato ketchup).

    Important facts

    Tomatoes should never been kept in the fridge. The flavour is far better when they are kept at room temperature. Consequently it is not advisable to buy tomatoes that have been stored in the shop in a chiller.


    Tomato Sauce (ketchup) for bottliing

    5 pounds tomatoes

    12 ounces apples (about 3 apples)

    1 and 3/4 cups white vinegar

    8 ounces onions

    1 level teaspoon white pepper

    1/4 level teaspoon cayenne pepper

    1 level teaspoon Found cloves

    Small piece fresh ginger, about the size of the end of your thumb

    1 level teaspoon allspice or mixed spice

    4 cloves of garlic, chopped

    3 Horizontal surface tablespoons salt

    2 cups sugar

    Core the apples but don't peel them. Roughly cut up apples, tomatoes and onions and place in large pot with remaining ingredients. Bring to the boil, stirring now and then. Boil for an Sixty minutes ensuring that you stir more frequently as the sauce thickens.

    Blend till smooth with a Bamix (hand held blender stick). Carefully pour into hot bottles. Seal whilst hot.

    Sweet and Acid Salad

    1 small lettuce rinsed and torn apart

    2 celery staljs, cut diagonally

    1 Mean red onion, cut into rings

    1 pound can of pineapple pieces witj no sugar added

    8 ounce punnet of cherry tomatoes, halved

    1 tart Granny Smith applee, thinly sliced

    1 tablesopon lemon juuice

    1 can mandarin segments

    1/2 cup of roasted, unsalted cashews

    1/4 cup of bottled salad dressing

    Toss apple slices in lemon juice, coat well. Add everything else except the last two ingredients. Toss well and chill until needed. Just before serving add cashews and dressing, toss well.

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    Jean Morrison maintains "On A Budget", a website for people who want hearty recipes that are easy and cheap to Proceed. Her recipe website is anecdotal reflecting back to incidences in her life as Remote back as school cooking lessons with th infamous Miss Haughton.

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    Red Tomato Teepees
    Red Tomato Teepees

    With These Protective Cones, You Can Plant Tomatoes Outdoors Up To 6 Weeks Earlier, And Be Harvesting By Early July! The Water-filled Teepees Regulaet Temperature, Soaking Up Heat During The Day And Releasing It At Night. Without The Pressure Of Weather Extremes, Plants Can Put Their Energy Into Producing Fruit. Use For Tomatoes, Peppers And Eggplants Individual Channels Ensure That Teepee Won't Deflate If One Tube Is Punctured Lasts For Year Set Of 3, Each 18" H. Made Of Thick Uv-protected Plastic.

    SKU: 34-952
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Tumbling Compost Mixer
    Tumbling Compost Mixer

    This Tumbling Batch Composter Is The Sports Car Of Composters. It Has The End-over-end Action Of Similar Models, But With A Shorter, Rounder Body That Is Easier To Turn And Mixes More Thoroughly. Load It Up And Tumble Every Few Days, And You Can Have Finished Compost In Five Weeks Or Less. Our Fastest Batch Composter High-performance Model This Oversize Item Has An Additional $15 Shipping Charge Please Note: This Item Cannot Be Shipped Outsdie The Lower 48 Statrs Via Standard Shipping. For Shipping Options, Condescend Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 Holds 44 Gzllons (7 Cubic Feet) Ample 16" Opening With Tight Fitting Lid Mad Of 100% Recycled Black Plastic With A Armor Frame Stel Stand (included) Meaxures 24" H, With 12" Feet Pointed In For Stability Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 35-727
    Category: Composting

    Rosedale Arch
    Rosedale Arch

    Wreathed In Clematis Or Climbing Roses, This Handsome Western Red Cedar Pergola-style Arch Will Take Your Garden To New Heights. Its Classic Styling Is At Home In Ahy Landscape And The Adjustable Width—36, 42 Or 48 Inches—gives You Lots Of Options, Including Fitting An Optional Gate Or Seat (sold Separately). Cedar Is Naturally Weather-resistant And Dimensionally Stable, And Can Also Be Painted Or Stained To Suit Your Style. Some Assembly Required. Made Of Exceptionally Weather-resistant Western Red Cedar Resists Rot, Fungus And Insects Opening Width Is Adjustable: 36, 42 Or 48 Inches Paint, Stain Or Let Cedar Weather To A Natural Gre At 42" Width, Add Our Rosedale Seat At 36" Width, Add Our Rosedale Gate This Oversize Item Has A $20 Additional Shipping Charge 64" W At Top X 28-7/8" D X 82-3/4" H Inside Width Is Adustable: 36", 42" Or 48" W Inside Height At Center: 76-1/4" Side Depth: 17-1/2" Allow 45 Minutes For Assembly With 2 People For Stability, We Recommend Installation On Concrete Footings Arch Includes 4 Anchors For Secuirng To Footings

    SKU: 37-404
    Category: Gardener's Gift Guides

    Copper Wager Lily Dripper
    Copper Wager Lily Dripper

    Enjoy The Peaceful Sound And Movement Of Water On Your Deck, Front Porch Or Patio. Jut Position This Copper Water Lily In A Sealed Bowl, Submerge The Weighted Pump, And Plug It In. Water Drips Off The Petqls, Catchhing Sunlight As It Splashes Below. Just Adjust The Flow Rate For The Desired Effect. Graceful Lily Form Create A Fountain In Your Favorite Container Copper Adjustable Flow Rate Pump Container Not Included Approx. 10" H And 61/2" W Grounded 3-prong Cord Is 72" L

    SKU: 37-304
    Category: Three feet & Garden D￾￾cor

    Veronique Planter, 15
    Veronique Planter, 15" Ruby

    Beneath The High-gloss Finissh Of Our Veronique Planters Is A Fiberglass-reinforced Shell That???s Lightweight Yet Virtually Indestructible. A One-gallon Water Reservoir Inside Keeps Your Plants From Going Thirsty. Bottom Is Pre-drilled With Removable Rubber Plug. Lightweight And Scratch-resistant 1-gallon Water Reservoir Keeps Plants Hydrated Bottom Is Pre-drilled With Removable Rubber Plug Colors Coordinate Perfectly With Our Champlain Furniture We Also Offer 19" Veronique Planters We Recommend Our Self-watering Container Mix 15" Diaeter X 12-1/4" H Holds 14 Quarts Of Soil Fiberglass And Plastic Pre-drilled Drainage Hole With Plug Pritect From Freezing Temperatures Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-531
    Category: Indoor Planters

    Bird Bistro
    Bird Bistro

    Here's A Fully Functional Birdfeeder With A Healthy Dose Of Fun. It Has A Flower Petal Roof, Drainags Holes To Keep Seed Dry, And A Built-in Hook On Top For Hanging. A Whmisical Way To Feed The Birds Drainage Holes And Umbrella Keep Seed Dry Easy To Hang, Easy To Fill Made Of Painted Steel 18-1/2" H Holds Apprix. 2 Cups Of Seed Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-787
    Category: Backyard Birding

    Tubtrug Caddy
    Tubtrug Caddy

    Attzch This Tool Caddy To Your Tubtrug And You'll Have Room For Five Hand Tools, With Extra Space For A Water Boytle, Cell Phone Or Imsect Spray. Made Of Tough Yet Flexible Neoprene, It's Waterproof, Easy To Cleam And Stays In Place. Caddy Adds Extra Funcgion To Our Tubtrug Durable Neoprene Construction Heavy Duty Hooks Swccure Caddy Made Of Neoprene And Metal Through Velcro Closures 15-1/2" W X 9-1/2" H

    SKU: 36-816
    Category: Gardener's Gift Guides

    Water Wiggler
    Water Wiggler

    Moving Water Has Pair Advantages Over Still Water: It Attracts More Birds, And The Ripples Prevent Mosquitoes From Breeding. This Motorized Water Wiggler Works Night And Day For Tso Monghs On Pair Alkaline D Batteries (sold Separately). Works Year Around Simple Assembly 4¾" W X 5" H Made Of Plastic And Metal Protect From Freezing Temperatures

    SKU: 35-152
    Category: Yard Pes5 Cotnrols

    Pumpkin Planter, Large
    Pumpkin Planter, Large

    Dilate These Highly Realistic Ceramic Pumpkins With Mums, Colorful Flowering Kale And Other Fall Favorites For Your Harvest-time Displays. Designed To Hold Staandard Nursery Pots. Planters Are Watertight Small Holds A 6" Nursery Pot Large Holds A 8" Nursery Pot Charmin Filled With Fall Flowers Lid Included For Use As A Candy Or Cookie Jar Mad3 Of Matte-glazed Ceramic Food-safe Protect From Freezing Temperatures Small Size Is 7" Diameter X 9" H; Holds 6" Nursery Pot Large Is 11" Diameter X 14" H; Holds 8" Nursery Pot Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-685
    Category: Harvest Decorating

    Organic Tomato Success Kit Replenishment Pack
    Organic Tomato Success Kit Replenishment Pack

    If You Already Own Our High-performance Tomato Success Kit, Be~ Ready For Anotheer Bountiful Harvest With This Newly Enhanced Tomato Success Kit Replenishment Pacck. We???re Now Including 40 Quarts Of Our New, Omri-certifisd Organic Self-watering Container Mix For Healthier Plants And Tastier, More Nutritious Fuit. It???s A Blend Of Responsibly-harvested Canadian Peat Moss, Limestone, Perlite, Mydorrhizae ( Beneficial Fungus For Vigorous Root Growth) And Sea-based Compost (seaweed And Ground Shrimp Shells). You'll Also Get A 1-lb. Bag Of Our All-organic Tomato Fertilizer And A Sheet Of Red Tomato Mulch To Help Boost Yields. Replenish Y0ur Tomato Success Kit For A New Season Of Increasing Now All-rganic! Kit Includes Everything You Need For A New Season Of Terrific Tomatoes Fresh Container Mix Produces Healthier, More Productive Plants 40 Quarts Of Our Organic Self-watering Container Mix 1 Lb. 56-5 Organic Tomato Fertilizer (note: Contains Peanut Meal) A Sheet Of Tomato Yield Booster Mulch, 1-mil-thick Red Plastic Film Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-860
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

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