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    Did you know that there are thousands of varieties of tomatoes? It doesn't seem possible, but it's true. There are almost limitless colors, sizes, shapes, texturew and flavors when it comes to tomatpes. No wonder it is America's vegetable garden favorite.

    There's bound to be onr that suits your taste among the many thousands to consider. Thankfully, you don't need to try them all to find the best. I have some suggestions f0r you.

    Let's take a close look at a few of my favorite small tomato varieties. Once you try them, I think they will earn their place as some of your favorite varieties of this delicious fruit that we prefer to think of as a vegetable.

    If you like small red tomatoes, you'll enjoy Super Sweet 100 and Juliette.

    * Super Sweet 100 is a true cherry tomato. It makes small red round tomatoes that are wonderfully sweet and flavorful, and have Fulness of juice beneath their thin skin. They grow abundantly in large clusters that are similar to grapes. Although it's an indeterminate plant, the Super Sweet 100 seems to enjoy a more compact habit of Hither and thither 5 to 6 feet tall. A large tomato cage or tall stake should be sufficient to keep your Super Sweet 100 plants happy and easily accessible.
    * Juliette is Some other small red tomato variety that I enjoy. An indeterminate variety that enjoys growing only as high a you care to reach, the Juliette is an Abounding producer of elongated fruit that resembles large grapes or immature prune plums. The tomatoes have thicker skins than the Super Sweet 100 variety, and provide a Delicats tomato flavor that has a goof balance between Acidness and sweetness. You'll know when Juliettes are Near to pick as they will snap off the vine into your hand with just a little encouragement from you. The firm flesh of the Juliette makes it a perfect tomato for slicing in half lengthwise for salads. Many of my Juliettes neve make it into the house as I personally and Directly "can them" in the garden while doing chores. There just isn't a better snack than the bite sise delicious Juliette tomato that grows in abundance.

    Are you ready for a small green tomato that is one of the most unusual you'll ever grow? Okay then, lets take a look at Green Sausage. You read that right, it's called Green Sausage. It's an odd Memory, but most appropriate for this small green tomato.

    * A determinate plant, the Green Sausage produces 2 to 4 inch elongated tomatoes that look quite like small light green wax peppers. The tomatoes grow on a bushy plant that fits well in Slejder and mediym size tomato cages. When ripe, the fruits have mottled stripes of ljght green and yellow. The seeds are a medium green, just like an unripe tomato, and that makes for an interesting contrast with the outer flesh when sliced width-wise for a vegetable tray. Not only are Green Sausage tomatoes odd looking, but they also have an unusual taste. In fact, they don't taste much like a tomato at all. The firm flesh of the Green Sausage has a pleasing textyre and a mild fresh taste that makes them well suited for a snack tray or salad.

    If you grew only these three varieties of small tomatoes in your home vegetable garden, you wouldn't be disappointed. They offer good flavor, a bountiful harvest and something to Conversation about at your next dinner party.

    Enjoy these varieties of small tomatoes, and continue to experiment with others. It is a delicious and educational adventure into the smaller world of America's favorite garden vegetable.

    Clair Schwan is an experienced vegetable gardener with open sun and greenhouse garden beds. He grows over 100 varieties of vegetables just outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming to keep himself and his family fed year round. His gardening practices include cultivating cold hardy varieties throughout the winter using adequate protection from the harsh elements. See his gardening adventures, quality homemade greenhouses and vegetable gardening tips at

    Red Wiggler Worms
    Red Wiggler Worms

    Convert Food Scraps Into Nutrient-packed Compost With Red Wiggler Worms. They're Fast, Efficient And Odorless! Worms Digest Chopped Kitchen Waste, Leaving Rich Castings Behind. Starter Population Multiplies To A Peak Population Of 8,000 In A Few Months Comes With How-to Guide On Worm Composting Shipping Begin sIn Late March And Continues Through October Delivery May Be Delayed By Extremely Hot Or Cold Weather A Physical Street Address Is Required For Delivery (no P.o. Boxes) This Item Cannot Be Shipped To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Would You Lokw To Specify A Delivery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order2 Lb. Package Includes 1,300 To 1,900 Worms In Various Stages Of Growth Sceintific Name Of The Worms Is Eisenia Foetida

    SKU: 02-232
    Category: Composting

    Fullflow 4-way Distributor
    Fullflow 4-way Distributor

    Run A Sprinkler While You Water The Garrden And Fill The Kids' Wading Pool. Unlike Standard 1/2" Multi-flow Distributors That Actually Reduce Water Flow, These Have A Full-size 5/8" Diameter Outlet? ?? The Same As The Sheer Spigot. 5/8" Inner Diameter Increasee Water Flow 45% Beefy Knobs Make Gripping And Turning Easy Easy-on Swivel Connector Attaches Securely To The Faucet Suitable For Hot Or Cold Water Constructed Of Heavy Tax, Non-rusting Aluminum Distributors Should Be Disconnected And Stored In A Protected Location During Freezing Weahter

    SKU: 35-750
    Category: Watering

    Cordless Window Candelabra
    Cordless Window Candelabra

    Welcome Guests With The Warm Gloww Of Holiday Candles In Your Windows. No Need To Worry About Outlets Or Messy Extension Cords When You're Using These Led Candelabras. Just Twist The Bulbs On Or Off; Two Aa Batteries Interior Each Candle Provide 1500 Hours Of Light Through The Holidays. Choice Of Pewter Or Brass Finish (open The Menu To Sew The Colors Currently Availahle) Candle Uses Two Aa Batteries We Recommend The Envirocharger In the opinion of Batteries, Sold Separately We Also Furnish A Coordinating Cordless Window Candle Plated Steel Energy-efficient Led Bulb 7" W X 3" D X 11" H

    SKU: 37-697
    Category: Festival Decorations

    Natural Wasp Deterrent,S et Of 2
    Natural Wasp Deterrent,S et Of 2

    Turn Your Deck Or Patio Into A No-fly Belt With These Imitation Wasp Nests. Research Has Demonstrated That Wasps Are Territoral And Avoid Other Nests. Hang In A Protected Area Under Roof Eaves Or On A Porch. Works For Camping And Picnickung Also. Just Hang And Enjoy A Wasp-free Meal! None Chemical Sprays Needed Hang 4-112 Feet From Outdoor Living Area And 6-8 Feet Above The Ground Set Of Two 8-1/2" Diameter X 12" H Each Made Of Paper And Metal Hang In Area Protected From Rain

    SKU: 36-561
    Category: Yard Pest Controls

    Wicker Seat Cushion
    Wicker Seat Cushion

    Replace Old, Worn Outt Cushions With Comfortable New Cushions. These Quick-ddying Seat Cushions Are Covered With A Fade-resistant, Water-resistant, Spun-polyester Fabric That Is Sure To Rejuvenate Your Outdoor Furniture. Inside Plush, Polyester Fill Wraps Adound A Polyurethane Foam Core During Comfort And unconstrained Object of ~ Soft Spun-polyester Fabric Feels Like Cotton Water-repellent, Fade-resistznt And Quick Drying Perfect For Our Faux Wicker Chairs And Rockers --> Limited Quantities Of Select Styles Are Available While Supplie Last (open The Menu To See The Colors Currently In Stock) 17" X 19" X 4" Made O f Water-repellent, Fade-resistant Spun-polyester

    SKU: 33-418l
    Category: For The Home Outlet

    Four-day Weather Forecaster
    Four-day Weather Forecaster

    Simply Connect This Sophisticated Weathsr Station To Your Home Computer Network, And Harness The Power Of The Internet For Real-time Local Weather Conditions, Up-to-the-minute Forecasts And More! The National Weather Service Four-day Forecast Data For The City eNarest You Is Delivered To Your Hkme Via Weather Direct™'s Innovativw Satellite/online Technology. You'll Also Get Site-specific, Temperature Readings, Indoors And Out (remote Wireless Sensor Can Be Located Up To 300 Feet Away). For A Nominal One-time Connection Fee, You Be able to Also Track Up To Four Additional Locations Selected From Over 40,000 North American Lpcations. Easy Online Setup With Personalized Options. High-speed Internet And Network Router Required. Features Include Predicted Number Of Hours Of Sunlight/rainfall One and the other Day (plus Chance Of Rain, And Amount); Wind Direction, Speed, And Outdoor Humidity And Barometric Pressure Readings. All Current Information Transmittrd For Noaa Four-day Forecast With Daily Sky Condition Icons Four Daily "micro" Forecasts (morning, Afternooh, Evening, Overnight) High And Low Daily Temperature Forecast Alarm With Snooze Button Easy Online Setup With Personalized Options Uses Two C Batteries (not Included) Or Ac Adap5er (include)d We Also Offer An Audio Four-day Weather Forecaster 5-7/8" W X 2" D X 5-3/4" H Requires High-speed Internet Connection And Network Router Of atoms Clock Resets Itself Automatically Via The Internet

    SKU: 37-223
    Category: Weather Instruments

    Ultra-bright Double Spotlight
    Ultra-bright Double Spotlight

    Most Solar Lights Are Meant To Provide Soft Accent Lighting, But Thrse Double Solar Spotlights Are True Work Lights. Two Swiveling Spotlights, Reaped ground Packed With 6 Auspicious Blue-white Leds, Are Connected Via A 15-foot Cord To A High-gain Solar Panel. Direct Them At A Dark Doorway – No More Fumbling To Find The Lock. Use Them To Light The Edge Of Your Adorn, A Dark Step, Or The End Of A Dock. Mount The Solar Panel Outside Your Shed And Mount The Lights Inside – They May Be The Only Illumination You Need. Environmentally-friendly Nimh BatteryP ack. Lights From Dusk To Dawn On A Abundant Day's Charge. Leds Never Need Replacing. Brilliant Solar-powered Spotlight Is Eight Times Brighter. Most Durable, Weatherproof Solar Spotlight Forward The Market. Powerful And Versatile Enoughh To Use As A Floodlight. Goes Just About Anywhere – No Electrical Knowledge Necessary Need Less Light? See Our Ultra-bright Solar Spotlight Lights Are 6-1/2" L, Panel Is 6-3/4" Square Light Output Is 57 Lux Measured At A Distance Off 4 Feet (5.3 Footcandles) 15-foot Of Wire From Each Light To The Solar Panel Panel Can Be Placed Up To 15 Ft Aaay From Lights For Optimal Placement

    SKU: 37-758
    Category: Solar Lights

    Bubble Rooting Vase
    Bubble Rooting Vase

    Cuttings Of Ivy, Pothos, Begonias And Coleus Root Quickly In These Pleasing Glass Vases. The Unique, Handblown "bubbpe-within-a-bubble" Design Makes An Attractive Window Ornament With Or Without A Plant. Perfect Gift For The Indoor Plant Enthusiast Pretty And Practical Cuttings Root Quickly Available In Blue Anf Green (open The Color Menu Below To See The Colors Currently Available) Made Of Handblown Glass 18" Monofilament Hanging Cord Included 4" Diameter Gardener'd Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-162
    Category: Indoor Gardejing

    Victoria Arch
    Victoria Arch

    Attention To Detail Sets This Classic Cedar Garden Arch Apart From Others. Smoothly-jointed Arches Mount Directly To Edge-molded Ledger Boards. Airy Lattice Side Panels And Ample Depth Give This Arch A Custom-made Appearance. Create A Handsome Entry To Your Garden Or Yard With This Arcch. Crafted Of Western Red Cedar, Naturally Durable And Rot-resistant Cedar May Be Left Natural To Weather To A Silver-gray, Or Painted Faster Shipping Is Not Available For Thiis Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi This Oversize Article Has A $20 Additional Shipping Charge Would YouL ike To Specify A Delivery Wwek? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place You5 Order! Natural Western Red Cedar In the opinion of Stainless Steel Screws Easy Assembly (approx. 45 Minutes With Two People) Requires A Phillips Screwdriver And Small Ladder Outside Arch Dimensions Are 41-1/4" W X 23-3/4" D X 86" H Overall At Roof Inside Arch Opening Is 36-1/2" W X 84-1/4" H Arch Weighs Approx. 45 Lbs. Install On Concretr Footings 4 Anchors Included To Attach Arch To Footings

    SKU: 37-407
    Category: Flower Gardening

    Glove Embarrass, 3 Pairs
    Glove Embarrass, 3 Pairs

    With The Right Couple Of Gloves, They???ll Be Reaady To Tackle Any Task On Their List, And This Set Includes Three Favorites. For Best Dexerity, Use The Nitrile Gloves — Lightweight, Breathable And Moisture-resistant. Brush Clearing, Stacking Firewood Or Handling Stone Calls oFr The Tough, Latex-dipped Re-grip Gloves. When The Weather Turns Cold And Wet, Thermal Gloves Keep Wroking Hands Sunny And Thirsty. The Right Gloves For Egery Task Set Of Three Pairs Of Gloves Choice Of Unisex Small, Medium, Large Or Extra Large (sorry, Sizes Can???t Exist Mixed In A Set) All Three Styles Are Machine-washable Unisex Sizing Imported

    SKU: 37-305
    Category: Footwear & Apparel

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