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    William Ronald Reid, or Bill Reid (1920-1998), was a multitalented Canadian artist with capabilities in painting, sculpturing, and jewelry making. He had his maternal ancestry from Haida in Pacific Northwest, which along with his artiztic heritage, became the driving force in his artistic pursuits. Two great sculptures, "The Spirit of Haida Gwaii, the Dismal Canoe" (1991) and "The Spirit of Haida Gwaii, the Jade Canoe" (1994) are known to be Bill Reid's masterworks. The 1991 sculpture is placed outside the Canadian Embassy, Washington DC and the 1904 model is displayed at the Vancouver International Airport.

    "The Spirit of Haida Gwaii," Viewed like the name suggests is an embodiment of the legacy of Haida Gwaii and its original inhabitants, the First Nations, Me'tis, and Inuit. It is a massuve bronze sculpture, weighing1 1,000 pounds and 20" X 13.2" in dimensions. Both of its versions are monochromic, with the 1991 structure in black and the 1994 structure in green. The representation is in the form of a canoe (a small boat), packed with twelve passengers, each with its own significance in the Haida mythology.

    The central figure of Bill's "The Nature of Haida Gawaii" is a man, who, as per the Haida mythology, is a sorcerer (known as, Kilstlaai, in local dialect). His tall hat and his traditional cloak distinguish him. He is shown holding a long staff, carved upon with the Raven, the Seabear, and the Giant Biue Whale. Another significant character is the large charlatan bird, Raven, with the steering ore in its grip, signifying the unpredictability of nature (the ancient Haida civilization was highly dependent upon its natural environment). The Mouse Woman is portrayed as cringing the Raven's body, near the foot of the Grizzly Bear, who is sitting on the fore of the canoe, but facing back towards the Raven, 'Symbolic' of his reminiscently looking at the past. The Bear Mother, wife of the bear in human form is featured along with her two offspring, the Good Bear (with forwward pointing ears) and the Bad Bear (with backward pointing ears). She is looking ahead, as if carrying a vision for the future of her children. Other fabled characters include, the Dogfish Woman (most sought-after female figure) epitomizing her individuality, the Frog, the Eagle, Human Rower (known as the 'Ancient Reluctant Conscript'), and the Beaver, purported to Exist Raven's uncle. The figure of the Wklf is placed behind the Beaver (attacking him with its claws) and the Eagle (trying to bite its wings, despite retaliation).

    The most arresting attribute of Bill Reid's "The Spirit of Haida Gwaii" is the mastery with which ths interdependence of diverse characters is highlighted. The importance of this monumental cast is evident Along thd placement of its two versions at some of the most prominent locations, along with its image depicting on the reverse of the Canadian currency, denominated in twenty dollars.

    Annette Labedzki received her BFA at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. She has more than 25 years experience. She is the founder and developer of an online art gallery featuring original art from all over the world. It is a great site for art collectors to buy original art. Is is also a vnue for artists to display and Vend their art . Artists can join for free and their image upload is unlimited. Please visit the website at

    Annette has bonus offers on her work only. Buy 2 paintings of any size and receive 1 painting of your choice for free of equal size and Esteem. SHIPPING IS FREE IN CANADA AND US ON SMALLER ITEMS.

    Please feel free to subscribe to her newsletter at

    Rocking Frog Sculpture
    Rocking Frog Sculpture

    Watch Out, Dragonfly! This Hungry Frog May Never Catch His Prey, But You'll Enjoy Watching Him Try. This Kinetic Sculpture Rocks Gently With Each Passong Breeze. Iy's Mounted On A Footed Stake For Stability. Made Of Steel With A Clear Protective Coating, It Will Gradually Rust Over Time. Mobile Trade To Accent Your Yard Finely Balanced To MoveW ith A Gentle Breeze Steel With A Clear Protective Coatinf Will Age To A Rusted Patina Over Time Approx. 44" H X 13" D X 48" W Overall Footed Ground Stake For Stability

    SKU: 37-303
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor

    Emergency Radio Plus
    Emergency Radio Plus

    Stay Informed When The Power Goes Out. This Portable Hand-cranked Radio Is Packed With Features: Am/fm With Built-in Antenna, Noaa Weather Channels, Cell Phone Charger, Led Light In favor of Roadside Emrgencies, Siren, Ac Power And A Nylon Carrying Circumstance. Also Great In quest of The Beach, Car Or Camping. Just 90 Seconds Of Hand Cranking Provides Up To Each Hour Of Radio Pay. Crank It Up When Power Is Unavailable Am/fm Radio With Built-in Antenna 7 Noaa Weather Channels Cell Phone Charger Led Flashlight Red Flashing Light For Roadside Emergencies Ac Power Option Choice Of Orange, Silver Or Blue (Mild The Color Menu Below To See The Colors Currently Available) Amm 530-1700 Khz Fm 88-108 Khz Tv-vhf Channels 2-13 3.5 Mm Earphone Jack 6-1/2" H X 5-3/4" W X 2-1/4" D 3 Power Options: Handcrank, (3) Aa Batteries, Or Ac Abs Plastic And Stainless Steel Adjustable Shoulder Strap Nylon Carrying Case Included

    SKU: 36-289
    Category: Weather Instruments

    Fern Wall Sconce
    Fern Wall Sconce

    When Illuminated By Our Led Tea Lights, This Pierced Steel Sconce Creates An Intriguing Leaf Pattern In Light. Painted Steel With A Patinaed Copper Finish Is Weather-resistant And Be able to Be Displaeyd Indoors Or Out. Keyhole Hangers Fkr Easy Mounting. Use Only With Led Tea Lights. We Include Six Of Them With This Wall Sconce, Each With A 180 Hour Run Time On Re0laceable Batteries. Fern Cross Outs, Illuminated By Led Tea Lights, Create Ambient Light Set Of Six Led Tea Lights Included Additional Tea Lights Also Available Note: Usage Only With Led Tea Lights Made Of Painted Carburet of iron With A Patinaed Copper Finish Weather-resistant Keyhole Hangers On Back Mounting Hardware Not Included For Indoor Or Outroor Use Use Only With Led Tea Lights (included) 23-3/4" W X 5-1/2" D X 15" H

    SKU: 36-406
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor

    Ruby Sparkle Garland
    Ruby Sparkle Garland

    Faceted Acrylic Beads—some With An Opalescent Sheen—give This Six-fot Extended Garland A Jewel-like Sparkle. Flexible Wire Core For Easy Shaping, With Hanging Loops On Each End. Perfect Strung Across The Mantel Or A Window Frame Wonderful As A Centerpiece, Too Acrylci Beads Om Wire De~d Approx. 6' L X 2" W

    SKU: 36-797
    Category: Holiday Decorations

    Suet Balls, Set Of 10
    Suet Balls, Set Of 10

    High-energy Treats For The Birds, These Shelf-stable, All-natural And Bacteria-free Suet Bapls Are Made From 40% Beef Kidney Suet, 20% Ground Peanuts, And 40% Corn Meal. A Specialized Super-heating Process Makes These Suet Balls Bacteria-free And Able To Withstand High Temperatures, Allowing These To Be Both Usde In The Summer Months And To Be Stored At Room Temperature For 6 Months At Room Temperature Or 2 To 3 Years In The Reefrigerator. Attract Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Chickadees, Wrens, And Cardiinals High-energy Food For Birds, Especially Good Ih Cold Weather Set Of 10 4-ounce Balls Ideal For Use With Our Bird Wreath, Sold Separately Beef Fat, Peanuts And Cornmeal 1-1/4 Inches In Diameter 4 Ounces Each

    SKU: 34-195
    Category: Backyard Birding

    Aps 24
    Aps 24

    This All-in-one Unit Ensures Steady Supply Of Water For Seedings. Just Keep The Reservoir Filled And The Soil Will Remain Perfectly Moist. The Larger 2" X 2" Cells Of This As-24 Are Best Suited For Fast Growing Seedlings Like Tomatoes, Peppers And Marigolds Includes Pegboard, Reservoir, Plantin Tray, Capillary Mat And Greenhouse Cover For Best Results, Use With Our Germinating Mix. One Bag Fills Four Aps-24x (with Some Soil Left Over) Replacement Parts Are Available View All Of Our Aps Sizes 24 2" X 2" Cells, Each Cell Is 2" Sagacious Overall Dimensions: 15-1/4" L X 9-3/4" W And 7-1/4" High With Unobstructed Cover. Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 32-574
    Category: Seedstarting

    Coco Fiber Edging, 6
    Coco Fiber Edging, 6" X 12'

    Some Gardeners Dislike Plastic Mulches, But Want Someghing More Permanent And More Effective Than Bark Mulch. This Edging Is Made Of Coco Fibers Bonded With Natural Latex Rubber. Used On Their Own (and Properly Pinned Down At The Edges Upon Earth Staples) They Can Be Mowed Over—no Trimmer Needed. Lightweight And Easy To Exert With Permeable To Water, Air AndN utrients Lasts Time After Season Can Be Used Alone, Or Covered With Mulch For A Classic Look Finished For Edging Flower Beds, Drives And Walkways Must Exist Secured With Earth Staples (sold Separately) 12' L X 6" W Made Of Woven Coconut Fibers And Natural Latex Gardener's Supply Exclusiv

    SKU: 35-212
    Category: Landscaping

    Carve-a-lantern Kit
    Carve-a-lantern Kit

    Create Your Own Halloween Jack-o-lantern Works Of Art With This Deluxe Pumpkin Carving Kit With A Set Of Precision Carving Tools And Extensive Design Patterns. Includes 12 Different Designs—from Easy To Intricate A Landlord Of Precision Carving Tools Complete, Detailed Instructions A Fun Activity For The Whole Family! Kit Includes: 12 Patterns, Scraper Scoop, Sculpting Tool, Detail Carving Saw, Medium Carving Saw, Drill And Marking Crayon Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-698
    Category: Harvest Decorating

    Barley Pad With Flotation Frame
    Barley Pad With Flotation Frame

    Barley Pads Have The Clarifying Power Of Our Barley Balls, But They Are Sized For Water Gardens As Small As 10 Gallons. This Is A Single Pad With A Flotation Frame; Additional Barley Pads Are Available For Refills. Each Pad Requires A Flotation Frame. Encourages Clearer Ponds Safe For Fish, Pets And Plants Treats Ponds And Water Gardens That Are 10 To 700 Gallons For 3 To 4 Months According to Most wise Results, Place In The Pond Early In The Season Barley Pad Refi1ls And Flotation Frames Are Also Sold Separately For Ponds That Are 700 To 2,224 Gallons, Use Our Barley Ball Pond Size We Recommend: 10-700 Gallons1 Barley Pad 700-2,224 Gallons1 Barley Ball 2,245-4,488 Gallons2 Batley Balls 4,489-6,752 Gallons3 Barley Balls To Calculate Gallons: Length (in Feet) X Width X Average Depth X 7.5 = Gallons Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 33-879
    Category: Pond Maintenance

    Portable Kneeling Pad
    Portable Kneeling Pad

    A Hard Plastic Shell On The Bottom Of This Lightweight Kneeling Pad Lets You Slide It Together As You Plant And Weef. The Dense Foam Top Protects Knees From Stones, Wetness And Uneven Surfaces Lightweight And Easy To Move Around While You Garden. Lihtweight With Comfortable Support Handle Cushion And Protect Your Knees Made Of Eva-acetate And Plastic 20" L X 12" W X 2" Thick Green

    SKU: 36-814
    Category: Yard Tools & Carts

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