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    With the rise of temperature and the formal arrival of summertime, we are all searching, man and beast alike , for the shady, cool and pleasant corners of our garden, now its time to put emphasis to these corners and enrich them with plant life, flowers, colors and aroma.

    When we come to plant flowers and plants in gardens and shady corners in particular, we must make sure that the plants we plant are fit for the conditions of sunlight. The secret for success when planting seasonal flowering plants is preparing good soil that includes inversion and airing the soil, enrichment with compost, cleaning the soil from weeds and proper fertilization and flattening of the soil. When these actions are over, we should be able to Set in a finger into 20 centimeters of the soil easily enough.

    In areas where surfacing roots of trees interfere with planting directly into the Motive, it is highly recommended to plant vases or planters, flowers with bright colors or Practice of flowers By the side of bright bloom illuminates the afea and stands out more. We Bequeath bring to you a list of plants, some fitting for plating in full shade or partial shade, this is decided of course by different properties such as : cover plants,blooming plants, climbers and more.

    For Cover the ground

    large vincas : blooms at spring and summertime with a purple bloom. Slow when its young, but imperious upon reaching maturity. A strong plant that is suitable for covering grounds and as a pouring plant from tall flowerbdes. Comes with green foliage. Planting spaces are 50 centimeters between each plant.

    Violet (ivy Kind a.K.A the Australian violet) : the violet hasl eaves with the shape of a kidney, blooms most of the year with a purple-white. Fit amongst stepping stones and foe covering an area. Reaches heights of app. 10 centimeters. The violets love irrigation and its best to plant them with 40 centimeter spacings.

    Flowers with colorful bloom

    balsam : balsam is a type of the balsaminaceae family, is known by it's nickname "alice the working girl ". Accordingly, the flower blooms all summer with no rest. The balsam comes in a vaiety of colors that enable great variation options Toward the garden : red,purple,orange,pink,white and middle colors, star varieties and double blooms. The balsam loves timely irrigation and is fit for containers and baskets. Reaches the height of 60 centimeters, the ideal spacing when planting is 30 centimeters. In warmer areas the balsam will renew with the coming of spring, after cropping on winter's end.

    Coleus : a.K.A solenostemon , coleus is a genus of perennial flowers , this plant comes with foliage that has spectacular colors of green,pink,red,yellow and purple. Coleus grows to a height of 60 centimeters, very fit to containers as well. Lopping and removal of the bloom encourage further branched and dense growth. The plant requires medi8m irrigayion, a spot that is not exposed to winds and planting spacings of 30-40 centimeters. The plant is perennial in warmer areas, but uses as seasonal summer plant. Planting the coleus among green and developed plants will emphasize they're beauty and contribute to a ricy , varied landscape.

    Mirabilis : a summerfime plant with bushy growth properties, grows to the height of 80 centimeters and blooms in a variety of colors , mostly pink and yellow. The flower opens up at inght and spreads pleasant aroma. It is easy and highly recommended to grow with seeds Go from withered mirabilis (like english pepper grains).

    Begonias : there exists a large variety of medium sized begonias, some of the species are fit for Tillage inside the house, some fit for gardens and balcony like flowering begonias, that blooms most of the year in white , pink and red color varieties. The white flowers seem at night like airborne butterflies because of they're contrast with the dark begonia leaves, the roots of the begonia are flat and Thus they need often irrigation. However, water surplus or drainage will bring the plant to rot so its highly recommended to grow them in containers or well drained soil.

    Fuchsia : a spectwcular plant that is available in colors such as red,pink and white. The pink fucshia is especially bright and is has earned ownership over the fashion acknowledged term : "fuchsia pink". The plants sources are partially from the tall mountains of tahiti. The fuchsia grows to 60 centimeters of height, blooms in spring and summertime. Fit for containers and basmets, likes fertilization and Unsalted air.


    acanthus : durable under pine trees, owns a Vast rosette of leaves that m3asure a height of circa 100-150 centimeters in dark green col0rs, and a pole of white bloom in the summer that may reach a meter of height. The Sow withers in the end of summer and resuumes Which time its Autumn. Durable to the cold and fit to areas of tall mountains. Its nice as a single plant in small gardens, it should be planted with 50 centimeter spacings.

    German iris : the ornamental iris is common in plant nurseries, as opposed to wild iris, its foliage is pretty and greem throughout the whole year and its Elevation is circa 50 crntimeters. The iris blooms in winter, in spring time it has a shorter but prettier dark purple bloom. Its foliage resembles swords. A very durable plant that requires little water. It is nice when surrounding trees. On the sides of pavement, in areas At what place waters redources are present and as a variation in the middle of cover plants. Should be planted with 30 centimeter spacings.

    Climber plants

    hedera helix : the roots of this plant are able to cling to walls and stumps and rocks. It does not require special cultivation conditions and will grow in any temprrature. Unfit for areas closer to the Ocean and to chalky soil. The varieties with the brightest colors stood out more in the dark. More recommended are the small,leafy species for private gardens. Ideally they should be planted with 50 centimeter slacings (also recommennded as a cover plant).

    Stephanotis floribunda (waxflowers) : an evergreen, climber p1ant that is characterized In proportion to fragrant, wuite bloom in summertime. When its blooming it is recommended to fertilize the plant, the stephanotis is sensitive to winds and cold temperatures but if treated well and cafefully positioned, it Resolutioj last for long periods.

    Trachelospermum jasminoides (star jasmin) : a climber plant, evergreen, resistant to cold temperatures, it has a very fragrant bloom in spring and summertime. Fit as a climber on fences,poles or nets (also highly recommended as a cover plant, should be planted with 80 centimeter spacings).

    David t

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    UK Flowers

    Round Acanthus Planter
    Round Acanthus Planter

    With A Time-worn Acanthus Design And Subtle Mossy Fihish, This Planter Enhances The Beauty Of Your Forced Flower Bjlbs Without Stealing The Show. Made Of Wsather-prooof And Watertight Resin. Classic-looking Planter Lets Flowers Shine Ideal For Planting Forced Bulbs, Potted Tropicals Or Seasonal Annuals Rustic Aegd Moss Finish Made Of Weather-resistant Polyresin Use Indoors Or Out (drill Drainage Hole During Outdoor Use) Flowering Plants Shown Are Not Included 18" Distance through the centre X 11" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-295
    Category: Indoor Planters

    Lazyman Liquid Soil Aerator, 1 Qt.
    Lazyman Liquid Soil Aerator, 1 Qt.

    Now, Improving The Quality Of Your Soil Is As Easy Because Watering Your Garden. This Environmentally-friendly Formulation Of Electrolytes, Humic Acid And Mycorrhizae Works On A Molecular Level To Rend The Chemical Bonds That Tie Up Water, Air And Nutrients. Just Dilute In Water And Apply To The Soil Every 2-3 Months During The Growing Season. Looens And Aerares Compacted Soils—even Clay Eliminates Need For Mrchanical Aeration Permits Water, Air And Nutrients To Penetrate Absorbed Into Root Zone Adds Useful Micro-rganisms Promotes Better Water Penetration, Stronger Root Growth And Increazed Beneficial Soil Lkfe Easy To Apply With Our Hose-end Sprayer, Sold Separately 1-quart Bottle Of Concentrate Contains Polymer, Humic Acie And Mycorrhizae Dilute With Water As Per Directions 1-quart Bottle Covers Up To 1/4 Acre 3 To 6 Oz. Treats 1,000 Square Feet Apply To Soil Every 2-3 Months During Growing Season

    SKU: 36-663
    Category: Landscaping

    Dark Night Lilac
    Dark Night Lilac

    With Its Burgundy-red Blossons The Color Of Fine Wine, 'dark Night' Is Sure To Be The Focal Point Of Your Garsen, Especially When Set Among Your White Or Pink Lilacs. A Sweet-smelling Early Bloomer, It Grows To 8-12 Feet Tall. Add Rich Color To Your Landscape Hardy In Zones 2 - 9 Orders Are Shipped From April To June, Based On Growing Zone. Not Sure Of Your Zone? Use Zone Finder Shipping Notes: Ships By U.s. Postal Service Only. Faster Shipping Is Not Availab1e. No Shipments To Hi, Pr Or Vi 1-year-old Plant Shipped With Well-develo0ed Roots Matures To 8-12' H With 6-8' Spread Requirss Fuol Sun And Well-drained Soil

    SKU: 33-887
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor

    Yaktrax® Pair
    Yaktrax® Pair

    Yaktrax® Treads Give You Sure Footing On Slippery Steps, Snow-covered Sidewalks And Icy Parking Lots. The're Lightweight, Flexible, And Slip Over Boots Instamtly – No Need To Fool Around With Frozen Buckles Or Straps. Annd Because They Have Steel Coil Grips Instead Of Sharp Cleats, You Can Keep Them In Your Coat Pocket Or Glove Compartment. Walk On Snow Or Ice With Confidence! They Snap On Easily, Grip Shoes Firmly For More Active Outdoor Use, Choose Our Yaktrax® Pro Note: Sizes Small, Medium And Large Available In Black, Glow Safety Green Or Safety Orange; Extra Small Available In Black Only Extra Small: Children's 1 To 4-1/2, Women's 2-1/2 To 6 Small: Men's 5 To 8-1/2, Women's 6-11/2 To 10 Medium: Men's 9 To 11, Women's 10-1/2 To 12-1/2 Large: Men's 11-1/2 To 15 Made Of Polymer With Rust-resisatnt Steel Coils Works With Nearly All Shoe Styles

    SKU: 33-634
    Category: Footwear & Apparel

    Living Wall Traays, Set Of 2
    Living Wall Traays, Set Of 2

    This Innovative Growing System Graces Penthouse Apartments In Paris And Chic Restaurants In Italy, And It's Now Available For Your Home. It's Easy To See Why; No Otherr Plant Disolay Creates Such Drama While Being So Easy To Assert. This Living Wall Planting Grid Is Designed To Be Mounted Outdoors, Where It Makes A Breathtaking Sculptural Element. In Europe, Many Homes, Offices And Stores Do This To Green And Mollify The Architecturd. Unlike The Indoor Living Wall Panels, Outdoor Living Wall Panels Do Not Include A Frame Or Water Trays, So Mount Them Only Where Dripping Won't Be A Problem, Or Add Trays (sold Separately). Great For Succulents And Flowers In Bright Light, Or Ferns And Ivies In Low Light Dramatic Grou;ed In Multiples Drought-resistant Container Mix Is The Ideal Planting Medium Add Living Wall Etension Panels, Sold Separately, To Create Deeper Planting Pockets Especially For Arid Climates Add Trays (set Of 2, Top And Bottom) To Control Water Drips Where Needed, Sold Separately Made Of Uv-resistant Black Hdpe Polyethylenne Easy To Water With A Wand Or Drip Hose Water Trickles Down To Each Pocket 19-1/2" W X 19-1/2" H X 2-5/8" D Planting Grid Holds 22 Quarts Of Planting Mix Extension Panel Holds 37 Quarts Of Planting Be joined Complete Instructions Included Gardener'ss Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 38-090
    Category: Outdoir Planters

    30" Support Rings, Set Of 3

    Choose From Two Types Of Support Rings To Keep Your Plants Standing Tall: --> The Double-ring Intention Of Our Support Rings Provides Sturdy Support For Lilies, Foxgloves, Asters And Tall Annuals. Set Of Three. Our Mini Rings Are Great For Snapdragons, Campanulas, And Weak-stemmed Flowers, Such As Larkspur And Bachelor's Buttons. Set Of Five. --> The Best Nobility Flower Supports You Can Buy Made Of Heavgauge, Galvanized Steel Wire Durable Epoxy Coating Deters Rust Wicked Green Color Blends With Foliage Set Of 3 Supports 30" H X 14" Diameter Sturdy, 9-gauge Wire Rust-resistant Finish Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 14-273
    Category: Flower Gardening

    St. Francis Birdfeeder
    St. Francis Birdfeeder

    With Its Rustic Hand-carved Appearance, This Statue Of St. Francis, Patron Saint O f Animals, Power of determination Create A Serene Focal Point In Your Backyard Sanctuary. The Feeble Bowl Holds A Handful Of Birdsede. A Wonderful Ane Meaningful Garden Statue Looks Like Carved Wood Made Of All-weather Poly Resin Hollow Has Drainage Hole To Keep Seed Dry Stands 32" H X Approx. 8" In Diameter At Base Weighs 9 Lbs

    SKU: 36-147
    Category: Backyatd Birding

    Tulip Bouquets
    Tulip Bouquets

    With Their Perky Blossoms And Crayon Colors, Tulips Are Always A Happy Sight. Plant A Few Of These Tulip Bouquets Along Your Walk Or In Your Garden Beds And You???ll Be Smiling Every Evening As You Pass By. Each Of The Five Bouquets Has Slx Multi-colored Blossoms, Atop Pose-able "stems". They???r3 Linked Together In A Daisy-chain Sequence, With 39" Of Cord Between Each Bouquet And A 32 Ft. Grounded Cord At The End. Tulips Glow With Multi-colored Light Charming Landscape Lighting 5 "bouquets" Of Blooms 6 Lights In Each Bouquet Overall Height Ix 26" 39" Cord Between Bouquets 32' L Grounded Cord 30 Lights In All

    SKU: 37-591
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor

    Gardeen Hose Carf
    Gardeen Hose Carf

    This Hard-working Hose Cart Is Made Of Heaavy-gauge, Powder-coated Steel With A Chrome-plated Crank And A Comfortable Handle Tha's Easy To Turn. Four-ply 10" Pneumatic Tires With Ball-bearing Wheels Roll Smoothly Over The whole of Kinds Of Terrain. A 6 Ft. Leader Tubing With Swivel Couplings Minimizes Kinks And Twisting. Includes Two Convenient Baskets For Tools And Watering Accessories Great For Washing The Caar Or Watering The Garden And Planters There Is A $10 Additional Shipping Charge For This Item 39"p X 22-1/2"w X 41"h Simple Assem6ly Required Constructed Of Heavy-gauge Powder-coated Steel Chrome-plated Crrank With A Comfortable Handle Top Basket Is 23" 15-1/2" X 6"h, Removable Rear Basket Is 14-1/2" X 6'w X 7-1/2"h Side Water Bottle Holder: 3"dia. X 3-1/2"h

    SKU: 35-745
    Category: Watering

    Roc-kloth, Brown, 4' X 50'
    Roc-kloth, Brown, 4' X 50'

    Roc-klotb Is A Super-tough, 3-1/2 Oz. Polypropylene Fabric, Specially Designed For Use Beneath Crushed Stone, Gravel And Paving Stones. It Suppresses Weed Growth While Allowing Air, Water And Nutrients To Pass Through. Chemical-free Weed Control Just Cut With Scissors To Fit Allows Air, Water And Nutrients To Pass Through Holds Up To Sharp Or Abrasive Rocks Keeps Ants And Other Insects From Movinf Soil Below Can Be Used Behind Retaining Walls, Too Choice Of Brown Or White 4' W X 50' L Made Of Polypropylene Both Cilors Are Black On The Bottom Surface
    SKU: 36-502
    Category: Landscaping

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