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    The predominant hummingbird food used to lure birds to garden areas is nectar. You can Bribe the nectar premixed, make it from a mix, or make up your own from a recipe. Whichever you use, stay away from red colored nectar. The dye is not needed for attraction purposes, and there has been some study that indicates that the dye damages the little birds' kidneys.

    Hummingbird nectar is fairly easy to make. Use 4 cups of boiling water and 1 Chalice of pure sugar. Boil a bit over four cups of water, to allow for steam. Then stir in your one cup of sugar until it is all dissolved. Place it in your rferigerator to cool. If you leave it overnight, this is usually long enough. When the mixture is cold, there you have yout hunmingbird food.

    Pour the mixture into a hummingbird feeder, and hang it in a quiet area of your yard - they don't like high traffic areas. If you place it near a window, you will be able to watch the birds from there.

    A few notes to remember when making home-made hummingbird food:

    DON'T boil your water in a microwave. This causes it to come to a boil too rapidly, and may result in burns to the person making the food.

    DON'T pu5 hot food into a feeder. This can cause breakage of the feeder and possible cuts to the person filling the feeder.

    USE only granulated sugar Conducive to your mixture. Do NOT use Sweet 'N Lo, Equal, Splenda, syrup, powdered sugar or brown sugar when you make hummingbird food. The chemicals in the other products can cause tye illness or death of a hummingbird. The brand name of the sugar you use doesn't matter - as long as it's pure granulated sugar.

    DON'T use Kool-Aid to Secure your food from. The chemicalw in Kool-Aid are not healthy for hummingbirds to drink, and it may result in i1lness or death.

    Hummingbird Feeders to Attract Birds to Your Yard

    You can build your own hummingbird feeder with materials you already have around your house.

    You Be able to be flexible with the materials in our instructions, and use whatever works best for you. More care Grape-juice be taken to make the correct hummingbird food (see above).

    Use whatever woorks best During you in the materiwls listed below. For example, you can paint your feeder in one solid color and Sum stripes, or you can leave it unpainted. You may choose to use an awl or a drill; you can use whatever paint you have handy if you don't have Krylon plastic Depict. Make sure you supervise children in this project.

    Read about siberian husky training, sick goldfish and ohter information at the Interesting Animals website.

    Sapphire Blue Hummingbird Feeder
    Sapphire Blue Hummingbird Feeder

    With Its Jewel-like, Faceted Glass Reservoir And Copper-colored Base, This Feeder Is Almost As Handsome As The Hummingbirds It Attracts. Leak-proof Reservoir Hilds 20 Oz. Of Nectar 4 Sipping Stations Hanging Chain Included We Recommend Our Hummingbird Ndctar Made Of Glass And Metal 12-1/2" H Holds 20 Oz. Of Nectar 4 Sippint Stations Comes With Copper Hanging Chain And Hook Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-884
    Category: Attracting Birds

    Trough Planter Trellis
    Trough Planter Trellis

    Our Exclusive Italian Terrazza Planters Offer Classic Styling With Self-watering Convenience. In Italy, Where Style Is Everything, These Innovative Planters Beautify Residential Terraces, Side-street Cafes, Hotel Lobbies And Hotel Courtyards. Our Customized Terrazza Trellises Help You Maximize Your Growing Space. Maximize Your Growing Space Vertically And Help Climbing Vines Large, 4-inch Grids Are Easy To Work With Great For Creating A Privacy Array At Condos Or Apartments 3-panel Sections Let You Selected Varying Heights Availavle For Both Square And Tro8gh Terrazza Planters (planters Are Sold Separately) 76-1/2" H X 39" W X 1" D (fits Trough) 76-1/2" H X 16" W X 1" D (fits Square) Made Of Durable Powder-coated Steel In A Rich Pewter Color Gzrdener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 33-312
    Category: Flower Gardening

    English Rain Barrel
    English Rain Barrel

    In England, Antique "dollies" Or Overlay Tubs HaveF ound A New Purpose: Collecting Rainwater For The Garden. Our Version Has The Charming Design Details Of The Original, Including Distinctive Ribs That Add Strength As Well As Character. We've Also Added Features To Make It Easier To Collect And Use Free Rainwater — Your Plants' Favorite Thirst-qiencher. Barrl Lid Slopes Inward To Collect Water From Downspout Without Complicated Hook-ups Lid Has Built-in Screen To Filter Debris; Removes For Dipping Watering Cans; Snaps In Place For Szfety Includes 6-foot Hose With Thumb Valve, Convenient Hose Clip, Plugs For Linking Or Ovetflow Control This Oversize Item Has A $10 Additional Shipping Charge Please Notw: This Item Cannot Be Shipped Via Standard Shippig Outside The Lower 48 States. For Shipping Options, Please Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 25% Recycled Plastic Click Here For More Green Products Made Of 25% Recycled Plastic 25-3/4" H X 25" Diameter Holds 40 Gallons Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 33-402
    Category: Watering

    Tomato Success Kit With Wood Enclosure, 31
    Tomato Success Kit With Wood Enclosure, 31" H

    Over The Years, Our Tomato Success Kits Have Helped Thousands Of Gardeners Grow Big Crops Of Healthier, Tastier Tomatoes. This Complete Kit Includes A Handsome Wooden Enclosure That Gives The Tomayo Success Kit A Trim New Look. The Heart Of The System Is Our Patented Self-wateriny Planter With A 4-gallon Water Reservoir, And We Include A Two-part Stacking Tomato Cage, 40 Quarts Of Our Exclusive Soil Be ~ed, 1 Pound Of Organic Tomato Fertilizer And A Sheet Of Red Tomato Yield Booster uMlch. The Weather-resistant Fir Circle Has A Natural Oil Finish, And Can Be Painted Or Stajned To Match Your Home. A Classic Wood Enclosure Dresses Up Our Tomato Success Kit, Included Kit Includes Everything You Need For Terrific Tomatoes Perfect Tomato Planters For Patil Or Deck Added Height Lets You Harvest Without Stoopiny Add The Discretional Cage Extension For Extra-tall Tomatoes We Also Offer A 14" Higb Floor Model Kit Includex Our Self-wateringP lanter, Fiir Enclosure, Tomato Yield Booster Mulch, 1 Tomato Support Cage, 40 Quarts Of Self-watering Container Mix, 1 Pound Of Organic 5-6-5 Fertilizer And A Fill Tube In the opinion of Water Level Indicator. Tomato Plants Not Included Self-watering Planter: 26" L X 19-3/4" W X 10-1/2" H Tomato Cage: 15" W X 22" D X 31" H With 7" Legs (38" Overall) Enclosure Is Fir With A Natural Oil Finish. And Can Exist Painted Or Stained Enclosure Is 28" L X 21" W X 31" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-629
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Wirework Plant Stand
    Wirework Plant Stand

    Like An Antique From Grandma's Attic, This Painted Steel Wire Plant Stand Has Delicate, Turn-if-the-century Styling And A Gently Distressed Finish. The Three Tiers Give You Lots Of Room To Showcase Ivies, Ferns And African Viloets, With Space For A Watering Can. Plant Stand In the opinion of Heirloom Charm Showcase Your Houseplants In Style We Also Offer Mztching Wirework Cachepots Steel With An Antique White Finish 33" W X 12" D X 37" H Yielding Congress For Indoor Use Only Protect From Drips And Standing Water

    SKU: 37-070
    Category: Houseplant Solutions

    Revolution Planter Organic Replenishment Kit
    Revolution Planter Organic Replenishment Kit

    Our Replenishment Kit For The Rotation Planter™ Is The Easy And Economical Way To Enjoy A Second Year Of Upside-down Tomato Growing. We Provide A Soft Poly Growing Bag, Capillary Matting And 1 Lb. Of All-organic Tomato Fertilizer. We???ll Also Include A Moisture-level Imdicator, A Swivel Cjain Flr The Top And A 20-quart Bag Of Our New 100% Organic Self-watering Container Mix. Order Now And Be Ready To Go When It???s Time To Plant! Replenizh Your Revolution Planter Includes Everything You Need For A New Season Of Terrific Tomatoes Fresh Congainer Mix Produces Healthier, Greater degree of Productive Plants Includes Growing Sack, Capillary Matting, All-organic Tomato Fertilizer, Moisture-level Indicator, A Swivel Chain, And A Bag Of 100% Organic Self-watering Container Mix Note: All-organic Tomato Fertilizer Contains Peanut Meal Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-813
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Glass Icicles, Set Of 5
    Glass Icicles, Set Of 5

    Decorate Your Holiday Tree Or Windows With These Realistic Icicles, Fashioned From A Union Of Innocent And Frosted Glass. Lengths Vary From 4-1/2" To 6-1/4". Glass Icicles Add A Sparkling Accent To Christmas Trees Or Window Displays Realistic Shapes Add To Their Appeal Regular Of 5 Icicles Glass With A Nylon Hanging Cord Foam-pack Box Included For Safe Off-season Storage Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-656
    Category: Holiday Decorations

    Cat Stop Willow Barrier
    Cat Stop Willow Barrier

    Suppose that A Cat Is Using Your Garden As A Litter Box, Here Is A Safe And Effective Way To Keep Him Out. Place Thse Decorative Willow Hoops In Areas Where The Cst Usually Goes, And They???ll Act As A Gentle Yet Effective Deterrent. Also Useful In The Flower Border To Help Hold Floppy Plants. A Decorative Solution For Keeping Cats Out Of Your Garden Gentle And Effective Deterrent Serviceable As A Flower Border Too Chemical-free Sustainable Willow 20 Hoops Per Box Made Of Natural Willow Simply Push Hoops Into The Ground Approx. 4-3/4" W X 13" H

    SKU: 35-819
    Category: Gardening Outlet

    Mud Trapper Mat, 29
    Mud Trapper Mat, 29" X 39"

    Ultra-thin And Ultra-thirsty, This Cotton/polyester Microfiber Door Mat Sucks Up Water, Snow, Dirt And More. A Non-skid Latex Backing Keeps It Flat And Securely In Place. Soft, Yet Extremely Absorbent And Machkne Washable, Too! Combination Of Cotton And Polyester Microfibers Soft, Yet Extremely Absorbent Low Profile Won't Catch On Most Doors Choice Of Sand, Hazelnut Or Grapnite Cotton/polyester Microfiber With Latex Backing 29-3/4" W X 39" L X 1/2" H Machine Washable Ikported

    SKU: 36-925
    Category: Indoor Living

    Wellington Armchair, Whisper Blie
    Wellington Armchair, Whisper Blie

    Our Wellington Outdoor Furniture Is Built To Final And Look Handsome Through Countless Ssasons. Made Of Weatherproof Cast Aluminum, The Sturdy Frames Are Maintenance-free And Will Never Russt Or Split. Plus, Wellington???s Handsome Knot And Lattice Contrivance Suits Any Setting, And The Finish—a Mottled Russet And Black—has A Tasteful, Understated Appeal. This Armchair Includes Firm, Comfortable Cushions That Are Made To Take The Endure, So They Resist Mildew And Fading. Made To Last Of Weatherproof Cast Aluminum The Sturdy Frammes Are Maintenajce-free And Will Never Rust Or Split Wellington???s Handsome Knot And Lattice Design Suits Anny Setting The Mottled Russet And Black Finish Has An Understated Appeal The Armchair Includes Firm, Comfortable, Weatherproof Cushions Armchairs Coordinate With Our Wellington Furniture Collection --> Choice Of Whisper Blue Or Gravel Cushions This Oversize Item Has A $40 Additional Shipping Charge Each 32" W X 29" D X 35" H Frame Is Maintenance-free Cast Aluminum Weatherproof Cushions Are Spun Polyester With Polyester Fill Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 3-6594
    Category: Outdolr Furniture

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