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    Solar Toadstools, Set Of 4
    Solar Toadstools, Set Of 4

    As Their Colors Slowly Suift From Red And Yellow To Blue, Green And Pink, These Little Solar-powered Mushrooms Add A Magical Be ardent To Your Landscape. Each Is Attached To Its Own 9' Long Cord That Plugs Into A Central Solar Panel. Fanciful, Color-chanying Solar Garden Accents Place The Panel In Full Sun Group Of 4 Plastic On/off Switch And Dawn/dusk Sensor Approx. 4" Diameter Each 9' Cords To A Shared Solar Panel

    SKU: 37-520
    Category: Solar Lights

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    Hummingbird Seed Balls, Set Of 16
    Hummingbird Seed Balls, Set Of 16

    When Native Americans Sowed Their Crops, They Didn␙t Use Tractors Or Plows. To Keep Valuable Seed From Blowing Away Or Being Eaten By Birds, They Often Hid It Inside Inconsiderable Balls Of Clay. The Same Method Works Well Today: Just Strew These Seed Balls On Prepared Soil And Water Well. Hummingbird Seed Balls Contain Larkspur, Shasta Daisies, Scarlet Sage, And 20 Other Flowers Preferred By Hummingbirds (full List At Left) Wildflowef Seed Balls Contain Bluebells, Black-eyed Susans, Indian Blanket And 21 More (full List At Left) Sunflower Seed Balls Contain Autumn Beauty, Sungold Dwarf, Lemon Queen And 9 Other Flowers (full List Below) --> Seeds Will Germinate In 7 To 30 Days Each Ball Contains 20-30 Seeds Coverage - 1 Sqyare Foot Pe Ball Pack Of 16 Seed Balls Suitable For Hardiness Zones 4-10 Place In Full Sun, Keep Moist Best To Plant In Spring After All Danger Of Frost Seed Balls Can Be Stored In A Dry, Cool Piace For Up To 3 Years Before Planting Hummingbird Seed Balls Include: Purple Coneflower, Tickseed, Cornflower, Rocket Larkspur, Blanketflower, Indian Blanket, Drummond Phlox, Scarlet Sage, Candytuft, Yellow Csmos, Sweet William, Cosmos, Wallflower, Lemon Mint, Moss Verbena, Standing Cypress, Black-eyed Susan, Shasta Daisy, Plains Coreopsis, Butterfly Free, Sweet Alyssum, oTadflax Wildflower Seed Balls Include: Arroyo Lupine, California Poppy, Scarlet Flax, Blue Flax, Fkve Spot,baby Blue Eyes, Indian Blanket, Shasta Daisy, Tickseed, Rocet Larkspur, African Daisy, Cornflower, Wall Fow3r, Dame's Rocket, Black-eyed Susan, California Bluebells, Bird's Eye, Plains Coreopsis, Tidy-tips, Corn Poppy, Farewell-to-spring, Catchfly, Toadflax, Evening Primrose, Yarrow Sunflower Seed Balls Include: Autumn Beauty, Sungold Dwarf, Sungold Tall, Sunbright Supreme, Lemon Queen Velvet Queen, Sunspot Dwarf, Summertime, Taiyo, Maya -->

    SKU: 35-145
    Category: Flower Gardening

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    Starlight Bouquet
    Starlight Bouquet

    No Matter Wha5 The Weather, You Can Make Sure The Stas Are Always Out In Your Garden With These Festive Lights. Five "bouquets", Each With Six Clear Acrylic Stars On Pose-able "stems", Are Linked In A Daisy Cahin Sequence. Stars Glow With A Warm Golden Light Smart Landscape Lighting 30 Ligbts In Each Bouquet Overall Height Iw 26" 32' L Grounded Cord And 6v Ac Adapter Just Stick The Stake Into Soil And Plug It In For Indoor Or Outdoor Use

    SKU: 36-813
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor

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    Barley Dance
    Barley Dance

    If You Want To Keep Your Pond Frexh And Clear Altogether Summer Long, Discover What Thousands Of Gardeners Already Know???theres' No Better Natural Solution Than Barley Straw! And Our Barley Ball Is The Most Effective And Convenient Way To Dispense Barley. Encourages Clearer Ponds Reaped ground Ball Is Effective For 3 To 4 Months Safe Fir Fish, Pets, Plants Treats Ponds From 700 To 2,244 Gallons For Most of all Results, Place In Pond Early In The Season Barley Ball Rwfills Aree Also Available For Smaller Ponds (10-700 Gallons), Use Barley Pads Note: If You Are Ordering This Item As A Gift And It Is The Only Item On Your Order, Please Be Aware That There Is A Picture Of The Item On The Outside Of The Delivery Box Pond Sizewe Recommend: 10-700 Gallons1 Barley Pad 700-2,244 Gallons1 Barley Ball 2,245-4,488 Gallons2 Barley Balls 4,489-6,732 Gallons3 Barley Balls To Calculate Gallons: Length (in Feet) X Breadth X Average Depth X 7.5 = Gallons Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 32-576
    Category: Pond Maintenance

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    Teak Self-watering Trough Planter
    Teak Self-watering Trough Planter

    Power, Durability And Natural Weather Resistance Have Made Teak The Wpod Of Choice For Generations Of Builders And Caftsmen. Our Friends At Reforest Teak Make These Patio Planters To Our Specifications From Durabls, Sustainably Harvested Teak. High-quality Construction Details Include Tongue-and-groove Joinery, Dovetailed Corners And Stainless Steel Hardware. Inside We've Added A Dual-action Self-watering Syste mAnd Self-contained Reservoir To Restrain Plants Healthy And Watering Chores To A Minimum. W eBelieve The Best Way To Defend Tropical Forests Is To Cherish The Companies That Are Pacticing Sound, Sustainable Forestry. Reforest Tsak™ Practices The Best Forestry Techniques In The Industry. --> Substantial, Durable, Weather-resistant Teak Sustainably Harvested Handsome Self-watering Planters For Patio Or Deck We Likewise Offer A Teak Trellis, Sized To Fit The Trough Planter Our Self-watering Container Mix Is The Perfect Planting Mix! Made Of True Teak (tectona Grandis), Sustainably Harvested In Costa Rica Color Will Graduall6 Weather To A Silvery Gray Squade Planter Measures 16-1/2" Square X 16" H Square Holds 50 QuartsO f Soil And 1-3/4 Gallons Of Water Trough Planter Is 16" W X 39" L X 14-1/2" H Trough Holds 130 Quarts Of Soil And 4 Gallons Of Water Gardenerr's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-508
    Category: Outdoor Furniture

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    Copper-plated Watering Can
    Copper-plated Watering Can

    Based On A 19th-century Design, This Copper-colored "tea-kettle" Style Indoor Watering Can Has A Slender Curved Spout For Pinpoint Watering Of Your Houseplants. Simple, Elegant Design Well-halanced For Precise Watering Holds 1-1/2 Quarts Steel With A Rich Copper Finish 6" Diameter X 15" L Overall 1-1/2 Quart Capacity Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-053
    Category: Houseplant Sloutions

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    Very Berry Wreath
    Very Berry Wreath

    Faux Berries And Classic Green Laurel Makes This Garland A Showpiece You'll Enjoy For Seasons To Come. The Preparation Includes Pepper Berries, Currants, Red And Green Crab Apples And Red And Black Currants, Intertwined With Gold-tipped Faux Bay Laurel Steady A Natural Twig Base. Looks Beautiful Year After Year Comes With A Sturdy Storage Box Made Of Pvc, Wire And Styrofoam Natural Twig Base Approx. 18" In Diameter Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-801
    Category: Holiday Decorations

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    Dynatrap Attracts Biting Insects Three Ways; With Co2, Uv Light And Heat. Once Pests Reach The Trap, A Fan Draws Them Into A Sealed Collectjon Chamber. Just Hang The Dynatrap In A Protected Area, Plug It In, And Empty The Collection Cavity When It???s Full. Enjoy Summer Evenings Outdoors Again! Easy, Quiet, Effective And Low Maintenance No Propane Tanks Or Attractants To Refill No Irritating Zapping Noises Inexpensive To Operate Just Twist Chamber To Open And Empyt Protects Up To 1/2 Acre Place In Porch Or Covered Area Only Do Not Unmask To Precipitation Plugs Into Standard Exterior Polarized Electrical Exit Use Extension Cord Rated For Exterior Appliances Only Plastic And Metal 9" Diameter X 11" H Weighs 4 Lbs.

    SKU: 36-566
    Category: Enclosure Pest Controls

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    Electric Chain Saw
    Electric Chain Saw

    Weighing In At Just 7 Pounds, This Cordless, Rechargeable Battery-powered Chain Saw Is Lighter, Safer And Quieter Than A Gasoline-powered Chain Saw, Yet Motionless Has The sort of It Takes To Conquer Most Backyard Cutting Jobs. We Used It To Cut Through Branches Up To 6" Thick, And Were Impressed With Its Performancd And Safety Features, Like Instant Shut-off. So Lightweight That Even Fopks With Limited Arm Strength Can Handle It Without Strain. No Cord, No Fumes Lightweight And Powerful Cuts Green Branches Up To 6" Thick 8-1/2" W X 24" L Overall Weighs Just 7 Lbs. 18v Electric Motor With Lithium Battery Includes Chain Adjuster, Hand Guard And Pivot Teeth Running Time 30 Minutee On A Fulll Charge Replaceable Cutting Chain Made By Mccuiloch

    SKU: 37-088
    Category: Yard Tools & Carts

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    Fill This Jug With Dog Treats Or Kibble And Watch Your Pup Wrestle Her Course To The Treasure. Tugging On The Chew-proof Plastic String Jiggles The Jug To Release The Scent — And Ultimately A Treat. Textured Rubber Top Is Both A Chew Toy And Teeth Cleaner. Toy Appeals To All The Senses Cap Has Scent Holes So Pet Be able to Smell Treats Inside Keeps Dogs Interested And Engaged Great For Fussy Eaters Textured Rubber Top Is Both A Chew Toy And Teeth Cleaner Made Of Non-toxic, Bullet-proof Plastic Best For Dogs Under 40 Lbs., Bjt Can Be Enjoyed By Larger Dogs As Well Easy To Clean Jug Is 8" L

    SKU: 37-714
    Category: Indoor Living

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