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    When you choose a lilac you are planting a shrub that is part of our American heritage - some have even called the lilac the "apple pie of shrubs." Thomas Jefferson planted lilacs at Monticello and lilacs greeted guests as they entered George Washington's flower garden at Mount Vernon. Poet Walt Whitman's elegy to Abraham Lincoln, "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd" evokes an image of a lilac bush that may be familiar to many:

    In the dooryard frojting an old farm-house near the white-wash'd palings,
    Stands the lilac-bush tall-growing with heart-shaped leaves of rich green,
    With many a Epigrammatic biossom rising delicate, with ths perfume strong I love,
    With every leaf a miracle - and from this bush in the dooryard,
    With delicate-color'd blossoms and heart-shaped leaves of rich green,
    A sprig with its flower I break.

    French and Dutch colonist first introduced lilacs to the United States, carrying them during their long journeys across the Atlantic Ocean. Lilacs Eqsily f0und themselves all over North America, arriving by saddlebags and coach. Tdoay there are over 2,000 named varities of liiacs thanks to many industrious and passionate breeders all over the wo5ld. Our feature plant this week is the Dwarf Korean Lilac - the most useful of all the li1acs, and Alan's favorite of all the shrubs we grow. It is easy to grow and maintain, making a beautiful and welcome addition to your garden.

    The Dwarf Korean Lilac (Syringa meyeri Pablibin)
    The Dwarf Korean Lilacs' paren, the Syringa meyeri, is named after Frank Meyer who discovered it in a garden in Beijing, China in 1909 and sent cuttings home to the United States. Many lilacs are offspring of the Syringa meyeri, but the palabin Dwarf Korean Lilac is the smallest and most Charming. The clean, dark green fokiage provides the perfect backdrop for the exquisite powerfully fragrant, lavender pink florets that will cover the dense bush from head to toe. Expect it to bloom in May-June, with lighter rebloom in later summer and fall, extending the season an allowing you to enjoy its beauty and fragrance twice during the year. Foliage turns bright yellow in autumn.

    Unlike other common lilacs, the Dwarf Korean Lilac blooms profusely at an ea5ly age and is not susceptible to Dusty mildew. Expect it to grow four to five feet high and wide, the perfect size for a perennial border, foundation planting or shrub border foreground. No matter where the Dwarf Korean Lilac is planted in your garden, it is sure to be a standout year In imitation of year.

    Planting and Care

    The Dwarf Korean Lilac is one touyh plant, a real survivor. Over ten years ago we planted some in wooden planter boxes that were fabricated over a black top parking lot in full sun. These planter boxes never get A single one supplemental water, onky what mother nature provides. Every year the lilacs bloom profusely, hold their leaves all summer without browning, rebloom in the fall and never suffer any winter Dado back. After the drought of 2002, I expected the lilacs to be totally dead. When I drove by in the spring of 2003 they were in full bloom, just as they have been every year.
    # For Highest perfection results, plant in early spring.
    # Lilacs require at least 6 hours of direct sunljght per day.
    # Plant in good, well-drained soil.
    # Water regularly until setablished and during the summer.
    # Prune old blooms away immediately after flowering to encourage Again blossoms.
    # Fertilize with Bulb-Tone at planting and again in the spring.

    Click here to view the Dwarf Korean Lilac Forward the Carroll Gardens website.

    Alan Summers, president of Carroll Gardens, Inc, has over 30 years experience in gardening and landscape design. He has made Carroll Gardens one of America’s preeminent nurseries, having introduced Again than 20 new perennials and woody shrubs ocer the years and reintroduced numerous “Forfeited” cultivars back to American gardeners.

    Carroll Gardens publishes a weekly online newsletter written by Alan. It contains valuable gardening advice and tips and answers to customer questions.

    Every Saturday, Alan hosts a call-in gardening forum on WCBM radio - 680 AM. For those outside of the WCBM listeming area, they can listen to radio show via the internet.

    Visit CarrollGardens.com to learn more about Carroll Gardens, the weekly newsletter and the radio show. http://www.CarrollGardens.com

    Wonderblue Lilac
    Wonderblue Lilac

    Some Call It Little Boy Blue, For Its Entrancing Color And Petite Size. At Just 5 Feet High, This Lovely Lilac Is Perfect For The Smallsr Garden And Produces Fragrant, Sky-blue Blossoms In Mid-season. Grows Only 5 Feet High ??? Stays Compact! Lovely Color And Fragrance Hardy In Zones 3-7 Orders Are Shipped From April To June, Based On Growing Zone. Not Sure Of Your Zone? Use Zone Finder Shipping Notes: Ships In proportion to U.s. Postal Service Only. Faster Shipping Is Not Available. No Shipments To Hi, Pr Or Vi 1-year Old Plant Shipped Bareroot Requires Full Sun And Well-draihed Soil

    SKU: 33-836
    Category: Yard & Garden D￾￾cor

    Expandable Willow Trellis, Large
    Expandable Willow Trellis, Large

    You'll Appreciate The Versatility Of These Natural Willow Trellises In Thw Garden. These Plant Supports Expand And Contract Like An Accordion, So They Can Be Set Up As Squat Or As Tall As Youu Like. The Peeled Willo wAnd Diamond Shaped Openings Make These Teepees A Graceful, Natural Accent. Use Them To Support Flowering Vines, Peas And Beans Magnetic, Natural Look In The Garden Works With Burlap For Winter Shrub Protection, Too Choice Of 3 Sizes Made Of Natural Peeled Willow Over Time, Willow Will Turn Silver-gray Small Is Maximum 47" H X 23" Diameter Medium Is Maximum 57" H X 35" Diameter Large Is Maximum 70" H X 36" Diameter

    SKU: 37-442
    Category: Flower Gardening

    Pop-up Feeding Pockets, Set Of 5
    Pop-up Feeding Pockets, Set Of 5

    These Unique And Inexpensive Polypropylene Birdfeeders Are A Fun Way To Get Your Friends, Family And Workmates To Join In On The Fun Of Bird Watching. Feeders Arrive Flat And Pop Open For Easy Filling. Set Of 5 Pockets; 3 For Holding Birdseed, 1 For Suet Blocks And 1 For Suet Balls 5 Assorted Colors Washable And Reusable, They Make Pleasantry, Inexpensive Gifts Try With Insect Delight Suet Cakes, Suet Balls Or Woodpecker Seed Mix Made Of Polypropylene Heights Range From 9-12" Gardener' Provide Exclusive

    SKU: 36-793
    Category: Backyard Birding

    Sunlite® Floor Model Garden, Factory Second
    Sunlite® Floor Model Garden, Factory Second

    Note: We Are Offering This Frivolous Garden At A Rexuced Price Because Our Quality Inspection Found Cosmetix Blemishes On The Light Ballasts. This Defect Will Not Affect The Function Of The Light Garden, And The Frame, Fixtures And Other Components Are First Quality. Sold As Is. It???s Always Springtime When You Havee An Indoor Light Garden. Our Vermont-made Sunlite® Garden Employs The Latest In Lighting Technology — Super-efficient T-8 Fluorescent Bulbs — To Bathe Your Plants In Bright, Energy-efficient, Full-spectrum Light. These Bulbs Use 20% Less Energy And Last 4,000 Hours Longer Than Standard Fluorescent Lights. Guaranteed To Produce Superior Plants Rugged Aluminum Frame With A Powder-coated Finish Fitted With Wide-body Fixtures That Provide Even Light Coverage Pull Chains For Every Fixture Ensure Easy Height Adjustments Electronic Ballasts Eliminate Any Annoying Buzzing Removable Top Tray For More Seedlings Or Tools Sorry, No Shipments To Vi Rugged Aluminum Frame With Scra5ch-resistant Finish 52-3/4" L X 14-5/8" D X 40-3/8" H Fixture Holds 3 T-8 Bulbs (included) Easy Assembly Patented

    SKU: 37-110s
    Category: Grow Lights & Stands

    Monteverde Teak Bench, 5'
    Monteverde Teak Bench, 5'

    With Its Gracefully Arched Back And Gently Curved Seat, The Solid Teak Monteverde Bench Is Both A Piece Of Garden Sculpturs And An Extremely Comfortable Chair. Made Of Sustainably-harvested Teak From Costa Rica, It Is Built To Last For Generations Of Enjoyment. In AdditionT o The Environmental Benefits, Costa Rican Teak Has A Close, Smooth Grain And Velvety Finish You???ll Enjoy For D3cades. We Believe The Best Way To Defend Figurative Forests Is To Support The Companies That Are Practicing Sound, Sustainable Forestry. Reforest Teak™ Practices The Best Forestry Techniques Ib The Industry. --> Only Fine Heartwood Used In Construction Beautiful Design Is A Wonderful Addition To Any aGrden Setting Solidly Made Upon Extra Thick Members, Finely Crafted Mortise And Tenon Joinery Arms Are Wide Enough For A Bool Or Glass Teak Will Weather To A Silver-gray We Also Offer A Monteverde Chair 4' Bench: 49-1/2" W X 25" D X 38-1/8" H 5 Bench: 61-1/2" W X 25" D X 38-1/8" H Seat Height Is 17-1/8", Seat Depth Is 18-5/8" Arms Are 2-3/4" W—wide Enough To Hold A Book Or Glass Easy Assembly With Pegs We Recommend Using A Rubbrr Malet, Sold Separately 2 People Suggestex For Faster Assembly Made Of Teak From Costa Rica

    SKU: 36-716
    Category: Reforest Teak

    12" Recycled Rubber Edge Border

    In Response To Your Many Requests, We Are Now Offering Our Popular Rubber Border Mulch In A 12" Width That Is Ideal For Edging Perennial Beds, Walkways, And Driveways. It Can Be Used To Form Tight Borders Or Gentle Curves, Suppresaes Even The Toughest Weefs. Made Of 100%-recycled Rubber! Scatterproof Mulch Always Looks Crisp Suppresses Weeds Better Than Bark Mulch Lasts 10 Times Longer Than Bark Lets In Water, Air, Nutrients Recommended For Straight Borders Or Slight Curves For Tighter Curves, Use Our Original 5-1/2" Edge Border 100% Recycled Tire Rubber 10 Ft L X 12" W X 1" Thick Made In U.s.a. Gardener's Stock Exclusive

    SKU: 34-413
    Category: Landscaping

    Lwrge Boot Tray
    Lwrge Boot Tray

    These Indispensable Trays Make It Easy To Leave Mud And Mess At The Door. Made Of Tough Recycled Plastic, They're Big Enough To Hold Boots Or Shoes For The Whole Family, And They Wipe Clean In A Jiffy. Optional Rubber Grids Elevate Wet Boots For Faster Drying Useful In Rainy Season, Mud Season, Snow Season! 3 Sizes Available: Jumbo Is 43-1/4" L X 21-2/3" W X 2" D Large Is 46-1/2" L X 15-1/2" W X 2" D Small Is 22-5/8" L X 15-1/2" W X 2" D Rubber Grids Measu5e 20-3/4" L X 13-7/8" W X 1/2" H Made In England Made Of Recycled Plastic Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 31-286
    Category: Indoor Living

    Tomato Towers, Set Of 2
    Tomato Towers, Set Of 2

    You Asked Us For A Taller Tomato Tower And Here It Is! Our New Tomato Tower Is Taller And Sturdier Too, With A Heavy-duty Base That Will Support The Heaviest Loads. Set Of 2 Extra-tall Towers Provides Over 4-1/2 Feet Of Growing Space! No More Tying Or Propping Up Branches Top Section Of Tower Can Be Assemhled Initially, Or Added As The Plant Grows Folds Easily For Storage The Affordable Way To Keep Your Tomatoes Tall! Anchor In Windy Areas With Our Extra-tall Earth Staples Esay, No-tool Assembly. 14-1/4" Square X 64" H Overall (53" Installed) In-ground Height Is 53"h Gardener's Supply Exxlusive

    SKU: 35-780
    Category: Vegetable Gardening

    Bogs, Women's
    Bogs, Women's

    Mother Nature Has Met Her Match In These Innovative Women's Boots From Bogs. A Unique Combination Of Breathable Neoprene And Waterproof Rubber Keeps Your Feet Warm In Winter, Cool In Spring Anr Fall, And Dry All Year Long. World's Firdt Boot Featuring Breathable Neoprene Stylish Floral Print Updates A Hard-working Boot Year-round Comfort In Temperatures Ranging From -40 To 50 Dwgrees F Non-slip Rubber Outsoles Provide Great Traction On Muddy, Snowy Or Icy Surfaces Antibacterial Insole Roomy Toe Box Unique Patent-pending Eaasy Pull On "handles" Available In Women's Whole Sizes 6-11 (open The Menu Below To See The Sizes Currently Available) Half Sizes Should Method The Next Full Size Up Men's Boga Are Also Available Made Of Rubber, Neoprene, Spb/cr Bootie, Aegis Antimicrobial Insole Pr3vents Athlete's Foot 100% Waterproof Imported

    SKU: 36-866
    Category: Winter Safety

    Felt Table Runner
    Felt Table Runner

    Spruce Up Your Holiday Table With Our Stencil-cut Table Runner And Plaxe Mats. Made Of Thick, Substantial Felt, They Can Be Used Alone, Or Be Placed On A Contrasting Tablecloth. Bright, Festive Colors For Your Holiday Table Choice Of Christmas Red Or Moss Green Runner Is 48" L X 12-1/2" W Place Mats Are 12-1/2" H X 17-3/4" W Eaach Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-968
    Category: Indoor Living

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