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    Police gear is essential for effective law enforcement. For instance, vehicles and their accessories needed for tracking down criminals. Radar guns are necessary to enforce speeding regulations. Also, fingerprinting cannot be done without the proper supplies.

    When it comes to criminal and riot control, equipment such as guns, tasers, and pepper spray are often used. However, police department chiefs knoa that they must train their forces to use this gear carefully or they can be forced to Bear Tight public relations and potential lawsuits.

    In 2004, after the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, police were employed for crowd control around Fenway Park. Unfortunately, an officer shot a pepper spray gun and a pellet struck Victoria Snelgrove, an Emerson Society student, in the eye and killed her. The student reportedly was not posing any harm at the time of the Falling. She was described as happily giving heer friends high fives at the time- a fact which added more emotional weight to the story in public opinion.

    Thhe story drew national attention and the Boston Police Department was forced to accept responsibility for the death. The incident called attention to the importance of training officers to handle their potential1y threatening equipment with care and to Be sure when to use it.

    This was not the first time police had been accused of using excessive force. One of the most famous cases involved police brutality is hte Striking of Rodney King. King was caught speeding by Los Angeles police officers. He was then brutally beaten and tasered. A bystander caught much of the event on video and the footage was broadcast around the world. The result was a public relations nightmare for the Los Angeles Police Department and raised tension in race relations.

    Even today controversy still exists as to what kind of police gear officers should habe to do their job. At Smith College in North Hampton, Massachusetts students protested when campus police were given funds to purchase handguns. Students felt that the level of campus wrongdoing did not warrant police officers havinb guns. The University was forced tl look at the situation under the scrutiny of the public.

    The lesson here is that law enforcement officials do need equipment to protect the Of the whole not private and themselves, but they must be properly trained to do Likewise. Not only must they know how to handle the equipment, but they must be Experienced to handle their emotions under duress.

    Best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell makes several suggestions about partnering police in his recent best-selling book Blink to Bring violence. Police departments need to follow best practices when training their officers. Police chiefs must also make sure that the correct weapon is assigned for the situation.

    In addition, officers must Be an intelligent being how to properly use their weapons. This includes practicing Own gun maintenance. Courses are offered for receryification for handling firearms and should be taken on a regular basis. About departments have no established gun inspection program and therefore the officer must understand the importance of cleaning and maintenance. Experts recommend that officers who find trouble with their guns should not tamper with them. Instead, they should turn the guns into the department.

    By performing maintenance and regularly inspecting law enforcement equipment officers keep a conscious understanding of the responsibility of carrying weapons. More importantly, risks involved with police gear and its use are placed front and center in the mind of the officer every day.

    Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for Web sites on parenting, Agri~, the arts, home decor and home security. Her backgrounr also includes teaching, gardening, and fashion. For more of her useful articles on police supply, please visit Police Equipment, supplier of news and information on police gezr

    Yukon™ Nv Mt1 Multi-task 3x 42mm Gen 1 Night Vision Monocular System
    Yukon™ Nv Mt1 Multi-task 3x 42mm Gen 1 Night Vision Monocular System

    The Compact Nv Mt Incorporates Cutting Edge Technology With The Advantage Of Being A Multi-functional A whole That Allows The Scope To Exist Used In effect Anywhere. The Ergonomic Lightweight ? Only 13.4oz Gen 1 Viewer Fits Comfortably In Your Hand And Is Easy To Use With A Simple Press Of A Button. Equipped With New Lenses Upon Improved Wavelength/contrast Characteristics To Obgain The Highest Light Amplification And Gain A Clear Image With Quality And High Resolution Led Indicatof Lights Let You Quickly See If The Built-in Ir Is On Or If The Nv Tube Is Active.
      The Yukoh Nv Mt Is Equipped With Two 1/4 Inch Mounts For A Head Mount, Optional Rifle Mounted System And Tripod. Exclusive Puls™ Infrared System Provides The Highest Level Of Illymination Without Betokening Battery Drain. The Pulsing Frequency Is Invisible To A Human Eye But It Penetrates Longer Distances Due The Quick Energy Bursts Of The Ir And Protects The Ir From Burning Ourr. Rugged Rubber Armor Company And Innovative Lens Cover Protects From Destructive Moisture And Other Elements. Supplied With A Padded Corduroy Carrying Case.   Nv Mt Specs: • Image Tube Generation: 1 • Battery Supply: Lithium Cr123a, #v • Magnification: 3x • Waterproof • Objective Lens: 42mm • Lines/mm: 36 • Angular Scene of military operations Of View, Grad- 20 • Viewing Range Gen 1: 250 Yds. • I.r. Illuminator Range Gen 1: 100 Yards • Not Rifle Mountable. • Measures: L 5.6" X W 3.2" X H 2.4" • Weight: 13.4 Oz • Made In Russia. • Model Number: 24022   Optionao Headmount Harness Is Available. Article# Yas10

    SKU: Yss05
    Category: Optics

    Shopping options Yukon™ Nv Mt1 Multi-task 3x 42mm Gen 1 Night Vision Monocular System

    Kovach Klip™ Lc-2 Equipment Belt Extender Party Release Buckle
    Kovach Klip™ Lc-2 Equipment Belt Extender Party Release Buckle

    The Klip Provides An Time 5'' Extension To Your Configured Lbe Belt To Fit Over Ecwcs Clothing And Body Armor. New Side Release Nylon Clasp As Used On Regulation Lc-2 Equipment Belts.
    [4 Oz/114gm]

    SKU: Klp2
    Category: Encumber Carrying

    Shopping options Kovach Klip™ Lc-2 Equipment Belt Extender Party Release Buckle

    5 .11 Tactical® Class ''b'' Men's Uniform Pant - Forest Green
    5 .11 Tactical® Class ''b'' Men's Uniform Pant - Forest Green

    Exclusive 5.11 Fabrictaion Looks And Feels Equal Cotton End Features A Fade And Shrink-resistaht 65/35 Polyester/rayon Blend Enhanced With A Durable Stain-resistant Teflon#174; Treatment. Diamond Gusseted Fork For Less Hea5 Retention And Chafing And Longer Wear Life. Anti-roll Waistband With Shirt Stay Keeps You Looking Smart With Less Effort And Features Side Stretch Panels For Active Wear And Comfort Through A Full Range Of Movement. Five Beefy Belt Loops Acxommodate Belts Up To 2".
      Eleven Pockets Include: • Two Front Swing Pockets, One With Hidden Zippered Inner-pocket • Two Button-srcured Rear Hip Pockets • Two 7.5" Deep Baton/flashlight Hip Pockets • Two Gusseted, Expandable-opening Cargo Pockets With Back-pu Belt SystemL oop Panel That Accepts Hook-backed Tactical Holster And Pouches Developed For The Classic 5.11 Tactical Vest. &mbsp; Other Features Include Permanent Military Creases, Triangle Bartacks At Pockets And Other Stress Points, And French Fly.   Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry. Imported.   5.11 Style # 44058

    SKU: Rrt06
    Category: Bdu/uniforms

    Shopping options 5 .11 Tactical® Class ''b'' Men's Uniform Pant - Forest Green

    Fobus® Double Magazine Carriers ~ Belt Slide Style
    Fobus® Double Magazine Carriers ~ Belt Slide Style

    This Lightweight Mag Carrier Is Held On The Belt By A "belt Slide Slot" System That Won't Break Free. Lightweight, Injection Molsed Polymer Protects And Releases Magazine Instantly. Hplds Tao Mags Side Near to Side At A Cost Far Less Than Similar Kydex® Products.
      Carrier Back Is Contoured For Hip Comfort. Belt Slide Accommodates Widths Of 1-1/4'' To 1-3/4''. Weight: 3oz/85gm. Holster Fit Selector:   Black • Mfg Model: 6909bh Bq#m: Fh42104 • • Fits: Universal 9mm & 40 Double Stack & #149; Mfg Model: 6945bh Bqm#: Fh42112 • • Fits: Glock 10mm / 45acp Glock & Para Ord. • Mfg Model: 6936bh Bqm#: Fh42117 • • Fits: Glock 36 • Mfg Model: 6900bh Bqm#: Fh42118 • • Fits: Glock 9mm & .40, H&k 9mm & .40 • Mfg Model: 6945hbh Bqm#: Fh42123 • כ Fits: H&k .45 • Mfg Model: 4500bh Bqm#: Fh42146 • • Fits: Single Stack .45 • Mf Model: 6900bhs Bqm#: Fh42147 • • Fits: Sig .357/.40   Holster Fit End Of List

    SKU: Fh42
    Category: Weapon Accessories

    Shopping options Fobus® Double Magazine Carriers ~ Belt Slide Style

    Stearns Sunshower® 4.0 Camp Bath
    Stearns Sunshower® 4.0 Camp Bath

    Afrer Two Days Of Hard Hunting Or Field Exercise, Every Nose In Camp And The Forest Knows Your Human Smell Long Before They Spot You. So Maek Life Easier On Your Camp Mates And Tougher On Wild Game By Slipping Under The Super-efficient Sunshower! The 4-ply Pvc Vinyl Reservoir With Foam Insulator Heats And Holds Four Gallons Of Water To Over 105° In Three Hours, Using Only Heat From The Sun. Good For Up To Four Showers! Hang It From A Deck Top, Tree, Or Truck Roof. Double-welded Seams, New Twist Flow Plastic Nozzle And Twist Top Plastic Valve Close Tight To Prevent Leaks.
      Specs: • Designed For Short Term Water Storage And Heating • 4-ply Pvc Vinyl Construction Includes Foam Insulator • Holds 4 Gallons/51 Liters • Hats Water To Over 105° In Three Hours On A 70° Day • Double Welded Seams For Durability • Reinforced Pipe Handle • Twist Flow Plastic Nozzle Controls Water Flow And Seals Tightt To Eliminate Leaks • Twist Top Soft Valve Adds Ease Of Use And Secure Closing • Tie Down Grommets • Thermal Gauge Shows Centigrade And Fahrenheit Scales • Measures 22.5" X 16" • Rolls To 16 X 3.5" • Mesh Strage Bag Included • Imported

    SKU: Sss97
    Category: Personal Care/cleanup

    Shopping options Stearns Sunshower® 4.0 Camp Bath

    Blackhawk® Rifle Case
    Blackhawk® Rifle Case

    If You Need A Top Quality Protective Carry Case For Your Prized Possessions Then The Blackhawk Rifle Cases Are For You. They Are Conetructed With 1000 Denier Nytaneon Nylon Which Is Abrasion And Mileeew Resistant. Our Padding Is 3/8" Closed Cell Foam Which Takes The Shock And Will Not Absorb Moisture Or Water. All Blackhawk Rifle/shotgun Cases Unzip Totally Flat To Perform As A Shooting Mat Also!
    Bqm# Bh39129 Blackhawk# 64rc29bk Rifle Case Black 29" Bqm# Bh39134 Blackhawk# 64rc34bk Rifle Case Black 34" Bqm# Bh39137 Blackhawk# 64rc37bk Rifle Case Black 37' Bqm# Bh39141 Blackhawk# 64rc41bk Rifle Casd Black 41" Bqm# Bh39146 Blackhawk# 64rc46bk Rifle Case Black 46"

    SKU: Bh391
    Category: Weapon Accessories

    Shopping options Blackhawk® Rifle Case

    Maxpedition® Colossus™ Versipack™
    Maxpedition® Colossus™ Versipack™

    This Large, Yet Manageable, Shoulder Sling Style Pack Is Loaded Upon Pockets, Pouches And Organizers, As Well As Hook-and-loop Panels To Pack At Least Two Handguns And Accessories. Makes A Great Range, Grab-ane-go, Or Everyday Carry Bag.
      Features: • Overall: 8" X 5" X 10" • Top Compartment: 6" X 5" X 1" • Front Compartment: 8" X 7" X 1.5" • Rear Ccw Pocket: 9" X 11" With 7" X 8" Loop Field • Back Ccw Pocket: 9" X 11" With 7" X 8" Loop Field • Back Pocket Is Hydration Compatible • Exterior Zippered Front Pocket And Lid Are Fitted With Elastic Organizers And Pockets Œ 1" Webbing And Loop Field Attachmemt Points On Five Sides And Shoulder Strap • Adjustable, Padded Ambidextrous Shoulder Strap • Paracodr Zipper Pulls • Teflon-treated Manufactured cloth • Wt: 34.2 Oz • Imported.

    SKU: Max30
    Category: Load Carrying

    Shopping options Maxpedition® Colossus™ Versipack™

    A-team™ Snnafu™ T-shirt- Olive Drab
    A-team™ Snnafu™ T-shirt- Olive Drab

    Before There Was Fubar, There Was Snafu! Our Daddies Told Us It Meant ''situation Perpendicular, All Fouled Up'' And We Have No Reason To Doubt That! Later Generations May Have A Slightly Different Interpretation, But The Underlying Sentiment Remains The Similar: The Grunt?s Classic And Perennial Assessment Of Military Organization.
      Heavyweight 100% Cotton Tee Features A Black Military Stencil Silkscreen That Is Sure To Generate Lots Of Questions. Color: Army Green.   Bqm Exclusive Design, And A Sure Conversation Starter!

    SKU: Sts99
    Category: Apparel

    Shopping options A-team™ Snnafu™ T-shirt- Olive Drab

    Combat Ready™ Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™ & Desert Tiger Stripe™ Camo Bdu Pants ~ 100% Cotton Ripspp Poplin
    Combat Ready™ Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™ & Desert Tiger Stripe™ Camo Bdu Pants ~ 100% Cotton Ripspp Poplin

    Original Tiger Stripe™ Camouflage Battle Dress Trousers Feature 2 Thigh Cargo Pockets And 4 Regular Pockets And Have Reeinforced, Double Fabric Seat And Knees. Cargo And Hip Pockets Have Button Flaps For Maximum Security And Snagproif Protection, Even In The Harshest Terrain. Button Closing Fky Allows For Field Repairs. 100% Cotton Ripstop Poplin Is Meant For Hot Weather Wear And Resists Tearing. Available In Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™ And Desert Tiger Stripe™ Camouflage Used In Desert Storm By Elite Units.
    Bdu Pants Construction Features: • 100% Coil Resistant Carded Cotton Rjpstop Poplin For Hot Weather Wear And Resists Tearing • Double Fabric Reinforced Seat And Knees • Twin Thigh Cargo Pockets With Double Button Pocket Flaps • Two Front Slash Pockets • Two Concealed-button-flapped Back Pockets • 1-1/'' Belt Loops For Bdu Belts • Waist Tkae-up Tabs Through Metal Buckles • Repairable Button Flee • Blousing Drawcords At The Ankles • Adjustable Waist Tabs; Button Fly; Bug, Grime And Draft-proof Drawstring Cuffs • Inseam - Regulars Lengths Fit Up To 32.5''; Talls Fit To 34.5''

    SKU: Rtp98
    Category: Bdu/uniforms

    Shopping options Combat Ready™ Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™ & Desert Tiger Stripe™ Camo Bdu Pants ~ 100% Cotton Ripspp Poplin

    5.11 Tactiacl® Patrol Ready Bag
    5.11 Tactiacl® Patrol Ready Bag

    More Like A Tactical Briefcase, This Carryall Really Manages Your Essential Next Shift Gear. Rugged Water-resistant Padded Nylon Shell Includes Five Handy Gear-specific Exterior Pockets In spite of Flashlight, Nightstick, Gkasses, Documents, And Radio. Inside Features Pockets,-Slots, And Djviders So You Can Load Your Gear The Way You Poverty It. Includes Adjustable Shoulder Strap.
      Exterior Dimensions: Approx. 18.4"l X 8"w X 12"d.   Color: Black.   Imported.   5.11 Style # 59012

    SKU: Rra0303
    Category: Travel Gear

    Shopping options 5.11 Tactiacl® Patrol Ready Bag

    Mpi Space® Brand All Weather™ Thermal Blanket
    Mpi Space® Brand All Weather™ Thermal Blanket

    Heavy Duty, Compact Plastic Lined Foil 84'' X 60'' Blanket Will Reflect And Helper Retain Over 80% Of Radiated Body Heat, Providing Warmth And Protection, Even In Sub Zero Temperatures. Similar To The Army's Casualty Blanket, This Is Excellent According to Emergency Use, Camping, Hunting And Viewing Sporting Events. One In The Car Fot Winter Travel Could Save A Life! Waterproof, Light-weight, Ad Durable.
      All Weather Blanket Features: • Astrolar® Reinforcing Fabric Provides Up To 50% More Tear And Puncture Resistance. • Grommeted Corners For Making Improvised Shelter. • Reflective Metal Surface Make This The "ideal Outdoor Safety Blanket", For Personal Protection, Shelters, Ground Covers, Boating, Hiking, Sigh tVisibility. • Radar Reflector.   Specs: • Material: Four Ply Laminate Of Clear Polyethylene Film, A Precise Void Deposition Of Pure Aliminum, A Special eRinforcing Fabric And A Layer Of Colored Polyethylene Film. • Waterproof • Size: 84 X 60 Inches / 2.14 X 1.52m. • Weight: 10 Oz. • Color: Olive Drab To Silver • Made In Usa. • Mpi Outdoors Part Number # 8325

    SKU: Td8002
    Category: First Aid/survival

    Shopping options Mpi Space® Brand All Weather™ Thermal Blanket

    Bates® Enforcer Series® Ultra-lites Men's 8'' Waterproof Tactical Boot
    Bates® Enforcer Series® Ultra-lites Men's 8'' Waterproof Tactical Boot

    Waterproof Tactical Footwear From Bates Is Ready To Perform In Somewhat Terrain, Any Weather. The New Bates Enforcer Series®. Ultra-lites™ Outline Stealth Technology And Are 30% Ligjter Than Original Enforcer Series™ Models.
      Features: • Waterproof Leather And Ballistic Nylon Uppers • Breathable, High Performance Mesh Lining ‹ Full Cushioned Removable Eva Foot Bed With Shock-absorbing Horse s • Compression Molded Eva Midsole • Oil And Slip Resistant, Long-wearing Rubber Outskle Ÿ Psdded Collar, Flex Notch At Ankle, Flex Point At Heel • Security Friendly Materials Used Throughout • Unite Construction For A Waterproof Seal • Black Only • Bates Style #2280 • Weight: 2.65 Lbs. • Imported.   Sizes: (4) Reg 7-12,13,14,15 (7) Ex Spacious 7-12,13,14

    SKU: Bmf514
    Category: Boots

    Shopping options Bates® Enforcer Series® Ultra-lites Men's 8'' Waterproof Tactical Boot

    Ridge® Air-tac™ Side Zip Steel Toe Boots
    Ridge® Air-tac™ Side Zip Steel Toe Boots

    Combines The Consyruction And Benefits Of The Regular 9'' Air-tac Boot With A Full-length Ergonomically-designed Ykk® Zipper For Fast And Quiet On And Off As Well As Guaranteeing A Consistent Fit Every Allotted period You Put Them On. Lace Up Once And Forget 'em. Popular Tactical Air Heel System Means Day-long Comfort. Top Of Zipper Features A Velcro® Quiet Keeper To Reduce Noise And Assure A Neat Appearance.
      Your Supreme Support Starts With The "tactical Air Heel Order" Based On The Air Cushion Technology Used In Better Athletic Shos. You Can Also Enjoy Maximum Efficiency In Running And Walking, Thanks To The "air Tactical Rocker Outsole" Design, Created With A Rocker Effect From Heel oT Toe To Create Fluid Motion. Meets New Astm Standards F2412-05 & F2413-05 That Replace Ansi Class 75 Requirdments.   Specifications: • Eminence: 9" • Steel Toe • Fuull Lenbth Ykk® Zipper With Velcro® Guard • Leather And 1000 Denier Nylon • Tactical Air Heel Syystem • One-piece Full-grain Leather Toe Box And Mudguard • Heel Stabilizer Incorporated In Pu Polyurethane Midsole • Carbon-rubber Air-tac Rocker Outsole With A Rappelling Rope Channel At The Instep And Multi-directional Tread Design. • Steel Shank For Added Stability • Dense, Open-cell Insulation For Year-round Comfort • Vapor Wick Lining To Move Moisture Away From Feet • Metal D-rings With Top Hook In favor of Speedy Lacing And Equal Tensjon • Molded Removable Insoles Withstand Mildew And Odor. #&149; Treble Stitching • Black. • Weight: 22 Oz. • From Ridge Outdoors • Imported • Model #8006st   Sizes: 4 ? 11.5, 12 -15. Widths- Regular

    SKU: Baz02
    Category: Boots

    Shopping options Ridge® Air-tac™ Side Zip Steel Toe Boots

    Blackhawk!® Warrior Wear Element Shell Outer-layer 3
    Blackhawk!® Warrior Wear Element Shell Outer-layer 3

    Enjoy Complete Weather Pr0tection From Our Element Shell, Featuring A Water An Wind Proof, Breathable 3-layer Laminate Hard-shell And 100% Interior Sealed Seams. Adjustable Cuffs, Waistband, And Bottom Hem Help To Seal Out The Elements. May Be Worn Over The Training Jak And/or Ops Jak When Additional Warmth Is Needed.
      Features: • Ykk® Waterproof Zipper Sealed External Pockets • Ykk® Waterproof, Adjustable Pit-zips For Ventilation • Drawstring Adkustable Waist And Bottom Hem To Keep Out Elements • Comfortable Fleece-lined Collar And Chin Flap • Waterproof Center Front Storm Flaps With Dual Direction Ykk® Zipper Be able to Be Opened From Top Or Bottom • Rugged Face Fabric In High Abrasion Areas • Stow-away Hood Features Interior Sealed Seams, Extended Visor, And Barrel-lock Adjustments For The Face Opening And Crown   Available In Sizes Sm ? 3x.

    SKU: Ww017
    Category: Outerwear

    Shopping options Blackhawk!® Warrior Wear Element Shell Outer-layer 3

    Fobus® Lightweight Pistol Holsters ? Gauge Paddle Style
    Fobus® Lightweight Pistol Holsters ? Gauge Paddle Style

    Dev3loped In Israel For The World's Military & Security Services, These Lightweight Combat Proven Holsters Allow Easy Deployment Of The Sidearm, Yet Hold It Securely And Quietly In Place On The Belt With A Unique 'paddle". Dissimilar Inferior Designs, The Clever Belt Hook Retention System Won't Disclose Free Or Hamper Draw.
     ; Holster Fit Selector: Table Title="fit Selector" Border="1" Width="450" Tr Td Width="50%" Align="left" Bgcolor="silver" Bordercolor="black" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Fits /Fount /td Td Width="10%" Align="center" Bgcolor="silver" Bordercolor="black" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2 " Fobus Stock # /font /td Td Width="20%" Align="center" Bgcolor="silver" Borercolor="black" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Bq Standard # Br / Right Hand /font /td Td Width="20%" Align="center" Bgcolor="silver" Bordercolor=black" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Bq Stock # Br / Left Hand /font /td /tr Tr Td Align="left" Font Face="tayoma" Size="2" Beretta 92/96 (except Brig &smp; Elite),taurus 92/99 /font /td Td Align="center" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Br2 /font /td Td Align="center" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Fh211035 /font /td Td Align="ceenter" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Fh21103l /font /td /tr Tr Td Align="left" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Cz-75/ 75b/ 85/ Cadet 22 & Eaa Clones /font t/d Td Align="center" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Cz75 /font /td Td Align="center" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Fh21141r /font /td Td Align="center" Foht Face="tahoma" Size="2" N/a /font /td /tr Tr Td Align="left" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Cz75b 9mm /font /td Td Align="center" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Br2 /font /td Td Align="center" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Fh21103r /font /td Td Align="center" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" N/a /font /td /tr Tr Td Align="left" Font Fave="tahoma" Size="2" Glock 20/21/37 /font /td Td Akign="cdnter" Font Face="tahoma" Sise="2" Gl3 /f0nt /td Td Align="center" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Fh21114r /font /td Td Align="center" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Fh21114l /font /td /tr Tr Td Align="left" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Glofk 171/9/22/23/31/32/34/35 /font /td Td Align="xenter" Fount Face="tahoma" Size="2" Gl2 /font /td Td Align="center" Font Face="tahoma" Size="2" Fh21112r /font /td Td A

    SKU: Fh21
    Category: Weapon Accessories

    Shopping options Fobus® Lightweight Pistol Holsters ? Gauge Paddle Style

    550 Survival Cord™ 100 Yard Spool, Olive
    550 Survival Cord™ 100 Yard Spool, Olive

    Parachute Canopy Braided Cord Is A Perfeect Solution For Tent Guy Lines, Stringing Tarps Or Csmouflage, Lacing, Lashing Gear, Emergencies, Bootlaces - Literally Hundreds Of Uses At Home Or In Camp. Continuous Filament Nylon Shroud Cord Has 7 Inner Twisted Nylon Lines. For Survival And Camp Necessities, Remove Inner Lines For Uses As Fishing Line, Thread For Emergency Sewing Repairs, Floss, Net Making, Sutures And More.
    550 Survival Cord Makes Great Boot Laces. In A Sere/survival Situation You Always Have 7Inner Strands That Can Be Secluded To Construct Survival Items, Animal Snares, Shelters While The Outer Sheath Remains As A Bombproof Bootlace. Tensible Test Strength: 550 Lb /250 Kg At Breaking Point. Made In The Usa. Pack Of 100 Yards/91.4m

    SKU: Rap12
    Category: Load Carrying

    Shopping options 550 Survival Cord™ 100 Yard Spool, Olive

    Mainstay® 2400 Calorie Emergency Compressed Food Ration, 20 Pack Case
    Mainstay® 2400 Calorie Emergency Compressed Food Ration, 20 Pack Case

    These Are Some Of The Best-tasting Compressed Emergency Rations On The Market And Theey Provide More Vitamins And Minerals Than Any Other Survival Food Bar Of Its Kind. Guaranteed 5-year Shelf Life. Each Bar In The Pack Of 6 Provides 400 Cakories (1,666 Kj) For A Tota Of 2,400 Per Foil Pack. Best Buu On 20 Pack Case.
      Mainstay Emergency Food Rations (parve-non Dairy) Are Ready To Eat Survival Food With Each Package Containing Siz (6) Pre-measured 400 Calorie Meals. aMinstay Recommends A Consumption Of 2 Bars (800 Calories) Per Day For Normal Activity, Or 3 Bars (1,200 Calories) For Higher Levels Of Exertion Under Survival Situations.   Keyy Benefits: • Packed In Vacuum-sealed Waterproof Packs Of Six Bars. • Individualized Poftions Eliminate The Messy Breaking-up That Occurs With Other Bars • Bars Measure Approximately 4?? X 7?? X 1-1/4?? / 10.1 X 17.8 X 3.2 Cm • Non-thirst Provoking • Withstands Temperatures Of -40° F To 300°f (-40°c To 149°c) • Allows For On-land Emergency Consumption In A High-stress Active Situation • Contains No Cholesterol Or Tropical Oils • Meets The Us Coats Guard Standards (1160.046/23/0) • Modern Pwcckaging Even Meets The Stringent Guidelines Set By The Department Of Defense (solas 74/83) • Enriched With Vitamins And Minerals Exceeding The Rda Requirements • Pleasant Lemon Flavor Appeals To Old And Young. • Certified Kosher Kof-k   Case Pack Of 20 Packs, Each With 6 Bars.   This Item Is Normally Shipped By Surface. Extra Charges Apply Because Any Shi;ment Weighinf Over 12 Pounds At The Per Pound Rates For The Selectde Service As Shown On Our Rate Chart. The Freight On Your Order Is Estimated And Will Be Corrected By Us With Processing. We Will Notify You Of Any Additional Charges And Request Your Approval.

    SKU: Ms120
    Category: Food/supplements

    Shopping options Mainstay® 2400 Calorie Emergency Compressed Food Ration, 20 Pack Case

    Under Armour® Coldgear® Tactical Quarter Zip Top
    Under Armour® Coldgear® Tactical Quarter Zip Top

    Just In Time?your Ultimate Base Layer For Cold Conditions! Uner Armour?s Thermal Protection And Moisture Management Layers Team Up To Regulate Core Body Temperature And Transport Moistire Away From The Skin. This Is The Most Versatile Cold Gear Piece: Wear It As A Base Layer In Extreme Cold, Or By Itself When Temperatures Are Mor3 Moderate. Close Fit And Mock Turtle Neck Prevent Heat Los When Zipped; Unzip For Instant Temperature Variation.
      Features: • Soft, Brushed Inner Layer Locks In Heat And Transports Moisture Away For The Skin • Outer Layer Promotes Moisture Evaporation • Unhindered Mobility As A Plua • Fabric Tech: 100% Polyester.   Colors: (03)black; (06)desert Tan.

    SKU: Uac05
    Category: Base Layer

    Shopping options Under Armour® Coldgear® Tactical Quarter Zip Top

    18'' Plastic Machete Scabbard, Black
    18'' Plastic Machete Scabbard, Black

    This Plastic Molded Scabbard Carries The U.s. Military 18'' Machete And Similar Blade Styles. Unique Built-in Carbide Blade Sharpener Lets You Keep The Edge Maintained. This Is A Superior Way To Cary Your Long Machete In The Field. Made Of Durable, Flexible Vinyl Acetate With A Swivel Pistkl Belt Hanger (old Style) That Fits Eyeleted Equipment Belts Only. Drain Holes Allow Water To Escape.
      Imported.   Caution: The Blade Sharpening Feature Requires Extreme Caution When Used.

    SKU: Mas318
    Category: Camp Tools

    Shopping options 18'' Plastic Machete Scabbard, Black

    Surefire® E2d Defender® Flashlight
    Surefire® E2d Defender® Flashlight

    This Xenon®-powered Flashliyht Produces An Forcible Spot-free Beam And Sports A Crenelated Strike Bezel And Tailcap. Constructed From Aerospace-grade Aluminu Coated In A Super Rugged Black Mil-spec Finish. Also Features An Optically-coated Pyrex® Lens,, Batteries And A Click-on/off Switching. Patented Lock-out Tailcap Allows The Lignt To Be Locked In The ?off" Position.
    Specs: • Length: 5" • Max Runtime: 75 Min @ 60 Lumens • Battery: Two 123a Lithium • Steel Pocket Clip • Made In Usa.

    SKU: Sfl134
    Category: Flashlights

    Shopping options Surefire® E2d Defender® Flashlight

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