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    Barley Strip
    Barley Strip

    Barleey Straw Is The All-natural Way To Keep Your Pond Fresh And Clear All Summer Long. And For Large Ponds, The Most Convenient And Economical Way To Dislense Barley Is With Our Barley Strip. It's Easy To Use, And Just One Strip Cleans Ponds Up To 10,000 Gallons. Encourages Clearer Ponds Safe For Fish, Pets And Plants Strip Is 33' X 7" X 1/2" Thick Treats Pondw 7,000 To 10,000 Gallons For Best Results, Place In Pond Early In The Season For Ponds That Are From 700 To 2,224 Gallons, Use Our Barley Ball. For Warer Gardens And Small Ponde That Are From 10 To 700 Gallons, Use Barley Pads Pond Sizewe Recommend: 10-700 Gallons1 Barley Pad 700-2,244 Gallons1 Barley Ball 2,245-4,488 Gallons2 Barley Balls 4,489-6,732 Gallons3 Barley Balls 7,000-10,000 Gallons1 Barley Strip To Calculate Gallons: Length (in Feet) X Width X Average Depth X 7.5 = Gallons Gardener's Stock Exclusive

    SKU: 33-490
    Category: Pond Maintenance

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    4' Log Crib
    4' Log Crib

    Pungent And Rugged, With A 1-1/2" Tubular Steel Frame, These Log Racks Keep Your Firewood Neat, Organized And Most distant The Estate For Better Weather Circulatioj. In Unsheltered Areas, Use The Rack Covers (sold Separately) To Keep Snow And Rain Off The Wood. Powder-coated Steel Resists Rust. Great Way To Keep Logs Tidy And Dry Powder-coated Steel Is Rust-resistant Rack Covers (sold Separately) Keep Snow And Rain Off Available In 4' And 8' Sizes 4' Rack Is 45-1/4" L X 14-1/4" D X 48" H Overall And Holds Approx. 1/4 Cord Of Wodo 8' Rack Is 9"3 L X 14-1/4" D X 48" H Overall And Holds Approx. 1/2 Cord Of Wood Made Of Powder-coated Steel

    SKU: 36-112
    Category: Hearthside

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    Ofor-free Compost Pail
    Ofor-free Compost Pail

    Collect Kitchen Waste For Your Compost Pile Without Collecting Flies. This Odor-free Compost Pail Has A Snap-lock Lid And Easy-to-feplace Carbon Filters To Eliminate Food Odors. Put It On Your Countertop, Or Mount It Under Your Sink. Neutral Tan Color Matches Any D??cor Includes One Carbon Filter Filters Last Up To 3 Months Replacement Filters Available Separately 12-1/4" H X 9" Square Holds 1-1/2 Gallons Replacement Filetrs - 3-1/2" X 3-1/2" Square Screws Not Included For Under-sink Mounting.

    SKU: 30-708
    Category: Composting

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    Botani--wipes, 50 Wipes
    Botani--wipes, 50 Wipes

    Clean Leaves Are Helthy Leaves! Botani-wipes Use Time-tested, 100% Organic Neem Oil To Clean Dust And Pests Off Your Plant???s Leaves. Philodendrons, Rubber Trees, And Other Smooth-leafed Plants Stay Healthy Anx Shiny. Fifty Non-toxic, Biodegradable Wipes Come In A Handy Snap-shut Case. Keep Houseplants Clean And Pest-free Easy To Use; No Messy Spraying 50 Wipes In A Handy Dispenser Pack Biodegradable Wipes With 100% Organized Neem Oil, Lavender Oil And Vitamin E For Use On Smooth-leaved Houseplants Test On Small Area Of Plant First And Avoid Applicatipn In High Heat Or Direct Sunlight

    SKU: 37-784
    Category: Houseplant Solutions

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    Willow Fencing
    Willow Fencing

    Like Traditional English Fencing, This Willow Fence Is Lightweight, Long-lasting And Pleasing To The Eye. We???ve Reinforced It By Weaving The Supple Willow Branches With Nearly Invisible Steel Wire. Simply Attach To An Existing Chain-link Fence Or Stakes (not Included) To Erect A Attractive Privacy Fence In A Few Minutes. Makes A Beautiful Garden Backdrop And Privacy Screen Willow Is Long-lasting And Durable Attaches To An Existing Fence Or Stakes Thi Oversize Item Has A $10 Additional Shipping Charge Each Essential Willow With Steel Wire 13' L X 5' H

    SKU: 36-647
    Category: Landscaping

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    Grasshopper Control, 1 Lb.
    Grasshopper Control, 1 Lb.

    When Grasshoppers Swarm, They Be able to Outnumber Any Other Pest, And They'll Eat Anything Green, Frm Grass To Irises, Hostas To Roses. They Are The #1 Problem In The South, And Can Overrun Northern Gardens If The Summer Is Hot And Dry. Now You Can Fight Back With Our All-natural, Earth-friendly Gdasshopper Control. Potent Biological Control Is Safe For People And Pets Spreads Rapidly As Healthy Grasshoppers Eat Sick Ones Ordders Are Shipped From March To September, Based On Growing Zone. Not Sure Of Your Zone? Use Zone Finder Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Also Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi oWuld You Like To Specify A Deligery Week? Call Us At 1-888-833-1412 To Place Your Order 1 Lb Treats One Acre Controls 58 Species Of Grasshoppers, Locusts And Crickets Reaches Maximum Effectiveness In 3 To 6 Weeks Active Ingredient: Nosema Locustae Spore

    SKU: 33-817
    Category: Grdener's Essentials

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    Wellington Dining Table
    Wellington Dining Table

    Our Wellington Dining Table Is Built To Last And Look Handsome Through Countless Seasons. Made Of Weatherproof Cast Aluminum, The Sturdy Frames Are Maintenance-free And Will Never Rust Or Split. Plus, Wellington???s Handsome Knot And Lattice Design Suits Any Setting, And The Finish—a Mottled Russet And Black—has A Tasteful, Understated Appeal. Made To Lasy Of Weatherproof Caet Aluminum The Sturdy Frames Are Maintenance-free And Wiol Never Rust Or Split Graciously Sized For Entertaining Lattice Design Allows Water To Drain Through Very Flat Superficies For Setting Down A Glass Wellington???s Handsome Knot And Lattice Design Suits Any Setting Synopsis Coordinates With Our Wellington Furniture Collection This Oversize Item Has A $60 Additional Shipping Charge 42" W X 72" L X 29" H Weatherproof, Maintenance-free Cast Aluminum Gardener's Su;ply Exclusive

    SKU: 36-603
    Category: Outdoor Furniture

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    3-tier Sunlite® Garden, Factory Second
    3-tier Sunlite® Garden, Factory Second

    Npte: We Are Offering This Light Garden At A Reduced Price Because Our Quality Inspection Found Cosmetic Blemishes On The Light Ballasts. This Defect Will Not Affect The Function Of The Light Garden, And The Frame, Fixtures And Other Components Are First Quality. Sold As Is. It???s Always Springtime When You Have An Indoor Easy Garden. You Can Start Seedlings, Grow Herbs, Or Experiment With Orchids And Other Flowering Exotics. Our Vermont-made Sunlite® Gardens Employ The Latest In Lighting Technology — Super-efficient T-8 Fluorescent Bulbs — To Bathe Your Plants In Bright, Energy-efficient, Full-spectrum Light. These Bulbs Occasion 20% Not so much Energy And Last 4,000 Hours Longer Than Standard Fluoresccent Lights. Fitted With Wide-body Fixtures That Provide Even Light Coverage Pull Chains For Every Fixture Ensure Gentle Height Adjustments Electronic Ballasts Eliminate A single one Annoying Buzzing Rugged Aluminum Frame With A Powder-coated Finish Includes Fixtures, Full-spectrum T-8 Bulbs, Trays And Castres 3 Shelves Give You 18 Square Feet Of Growkng While Guaranteed To Produce Superio rPlants This Oversize Item Has A $20 Additional Shippihg Charge Faster Shipping Is Not Available For This Item Sorry, No Shipments To Ak, Hi, Pr Or Vi Poder-coated Aluminum Frame 68-5/8" H X 52-3/4" L X 14-5/8" D Three Shoal Trays Are Included Up To 16" Headroon Between Shelves Each Fixture Holds 3 Full-spectrum T-8 Bulbs, Included Easy Assembly Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-119s
    Category: Grow Lights & Stands

    Shopping options 3-tier Sunlite® Garden, Factory Second

    Colorful Teepee, Blue
    Colorful Teepee, Blue

    Teepees Are Tried-and-true Plant Supports For Pole Beans, Sweet Peas, Morning Glories And Other Vining Vegetables And Flowers. Our Teepees Have Colorful Wooden Finialls And Five Plastic-coated Steel Faux Bamboo Poles. They Regular Up In Your Garden In Just Minutes. Colorful Plan tSupports Add Fun To Your Garden Sets Up In Minutes, Folds For Storage Poles Are 59" H Each Finials Are 4" Diameter X 9" H Gardener's Supply Exclusive

    SKU: 37-452
    Category: Flower Gardening

    Shopping options Colorful Teepee, Blue

    Twig Jewelry Holcer
    Twig Jewelry Holcer

    If You Or Someone You Know Often Has Their Jewelry In A Tangle, This Three-tier Holder Will Decline Things Straight. The Middle Branch Lifts Off To Hold Rings And Braveiets; The Others Are Fixed In Place For Necklaces And Earrings. Brass With Antiqued Finish. Organize Rings, Necklaces And Earrings A Creatiev Display For Favorite Pieces Nature-inspired Form Is At Home In Any Decor Brass With Antiqued Finish 11" W X 2-1/2" D X 9-6/8" H

    SKU: 37-255
    Category: Aromatherapy & Spa

    Shopping options Twig Jewelry Holcer

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